Your Avatar vs Above Avatar?

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Sword beats bullets. Magical, anime sword, doubly so. Even against a hailstorm like that, I'm pretty certain Youmu is fast enough to barely even take a scratch.

well I can fly. in SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!

Richard Nixon would make the Nyan Cat shrivel into a ball and die just by scowling at it.

It sounds harsh, but Richard Nixon was a harsh man.

I would slap a fish on you and you would fall off your silly podium!

I would eat the fish and fish breath you

I would bury you in a pile of fish!

I would drink your blood and turn you into a ghoul!

I would cut your hair off and hang you with it

I would take your rainbowy entrails and shove them down your throat!

I would give you an overdose on a medicine known as PAIN!!!

I would eat your spleen!

I would pummel you with a big-ass fish!

I would fish you with poisoned catnip!

I would kill you with trolling. Imagine, being trolled to death!

I would kill you by forcing you ingest the rainbows you crap out!

Death by making you eat every fish in the universe.

Come at me!
My sword wishes to taste blood!

my pen is mightier

My wings VS your rainbows!

Come at me kitty! You saw how easily I took out that Spider Monkey.

Hmm. Pyro versus a skeleton with an afro AND a sword. This is going to be a close match.

I've taken on people like you before though! A Scottish cyclops tried to take me on with a sword. Didn't end to well for him!

A man with a messed up mind and a person who spent 50 years on a ship going in circles with his dead crew mates.
Insanity battle shall commence!


Oh look you are already consumed with fire...

Hm, something tells me this will be my most challenging battle yet!

Blow it out your ass.

Duke Nukem huh?
Come at me broski!

Brook VS Duke?

...*grabs popcorn*


PETA will be made, but it was self defence!


Ooh, some guy with a katana! At least I got cat like reflexes, since I'm a cat... sort of.

But I like Gumball Waterson...
*kills GIF instead*

*Kills E signature* I can't kill Brook, he is epic (and a skeleton)

Mm mm mm mmph!

Come at me Pyro!
I know how you think; I've watched Meet the Pyro!

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