Your Avatar vs Above Avatar?

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One word:MEEP!
I guess I could win him by hypnotizing him with their tits.And then running away.

Oh, my...I've been sandwiched between two girls making out; I concede defeat.

*Head split in half by helm splitter attack. I walk in, not link, and rape.*

...I press the power button.

I turn it back on then Link copies the Ring ggirl and crawls out of the tv and slices your head in half vertically then slices your back before your knees hit the ground.

I take away the Master Sword, then keep you an arms length away while you flail wildly.

I'm faster, and can beat you with my fists or shoot you with my crossbow...

You are mine.

I kiss him to death.That should show him.

.... I would.... I would.... be totally distracted by the apparent lesbian kiss and would be unable to kill something so beautiful.

Damn you.

Flying monkeys can totally kill you.

The avatar that was stolen, however... :P

dr. hax will find your monkeys, for they use HAX!!!!!!!!!

I can kill an elderly human... not much sport, but I can do it.


Ha! You think HAX's are any match for the monkeys? Man, you should have seen my last avatar. It was tough as Hell and it STILL couldn't handle them.

I could never win against that! Man if only those monkeys hadn't stolen it people would know what I mean.

Gay dude holding some chicks's hair owuld be sliced in half.

I don't know how I would fare in a fight but as a thief I could steal his rupees and run away with ease so I would call that a victory.

Unless my eyes deceive me, that is Locke and Celes!
Unfortunately, I don't use magic, and trying to steal from my bag will only get you bit.
Yeah, I think I got this.

Two words to your theivery. Wolf Transformation. DOesn't matter how fast you can run, I can run faster.

I am Doctor Cox, your head explodes from awesome sauce overload.

Doctor Cox... dammit. The flying monkeys surrender to you.

Flying monkeies get mowed down by Link.

Those flying monkeys keeps stealing my magicite! no way I can beat them.

I doubt link could survive a well aimed ultima...

I loved that move in Zelda, but flying monkeys could easily take Link away. They're just too many of them.
Regardless of your ninja skills, flying monkeys can easily take your avatar. They took mine, and that's saying something.

Dr. Cox shall drown you in whiskey and bourbon.

IRON BOOTS! *Flying monkies drop Link from sheer weight.*

Flying monkeys are no match for Cox. He's just too awesome.
Damn, didn't take the iron boots into consideration. :P

I bet I could steal the avatar that those flying monkeys stole!

Wait I can't fly DAMN THEM!

Unless you're Doctor Cox, you can't win against flying monkeys. It sucks. I should know. :P

... I find a way to steal Doctor Cox's identity and kill the monkeys.

Flying monkeys know better, though. They can tell the REAL Doctor Cox avatar from a phony.

Impersonators are no match for the true Coxian awesomeness.

Unless, of course, you don't give a damn or don't even know what makes Cox so great.

In which case, I can take him quite easily.

Flying monkeys wish to serve Doctor Cox since they are weaker in comparison to him.
Yeah, the flying monkeys can totally take the stranger on.
That's from Stranger's Wrath, right? :P

Dr. Cox accepts the flying monkeys as henchmen.

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