Your Avatar vs Above Avatar?

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The huntress uses her arrows to pierce the his heart. Then her cattle and forest creatures trample over his dead body. God I love this goddess as my avatar.

Pfft, Gods are no match for flying monkeys. The respawn. There are too many you can imagine.

Monkeys have to worry about my biting buddies. They will eat them.

Yeah, its the Stranger. He fears nothing.

A giant mecha v puny human...

I could win by tripping.

Ha! Flying monkeys play leapfrog all the time. What makes you think extreme leapfrog will scare them off?

Probably the fact that the enemy that's being 'extreme leapfrog'ed is essentially a giant Pigeon. I've experience with flying creatures.

... Flying pigeon?

Well, they are not afraid of you. They would like to challenge you to a leapfrog tournament.

It can grow giant wings at will; I haven't a clue where or how they hide 'em though.

And a Giant Mecha is larger than your monkeys so I'm fairly certain Asuka'd still win.

HA! Link would make scrap metal out of that thing.

Also, if anyone would like to join my new RP, here's a link.

Time control + Thousands upon thousands of knives, Link wouldn't stand a chance. Even if he had a flute of chronological importance which Twilight Princess Link does not.

Flying monkeys can totally steal humans, time control or none.

Your flying monkeys are now under my control.


Joker beats all:FACT.

Joker beats all:FACT.

o rly?
luffy power!!

Robot vs anime zombie... pushers?

I reckon Clank could do it.

Robot vs anime zombie... pushers?

I reckon Clank could do it.

not a chance!
(ignore the retarded-looking characters)

Garrus vs Weird anime boy
I have a sniper rifle!

Alien versus Alien.

Honestly, anyone's game here.

alien vs zombie pushing rubber man.
still could go either way...

But your avatar is already beating up the undead so how am I supposed to win? Oh well maybe my avatar will just kill steal.

If you play League of Legends you will understand what I mean.

I would win easily with a army of zerg, protoss, and terran :D

Your armies don't chance against a Sith Lord as badass as Revan.

Zomgz stop editing it. And btw theres air units :D how u gunna attack that

Force Lighting, Force Pull, Lightsaber Throw...

I could also just get HK and Canderous to help me shoot your air troops out of the sky.

Are YOU tired of evil, jawless apprentices constantly stabbing you in the back? Wish you had a way to stop them from stabbing you in the back?

Well, now you can! HI, BILLY MAYS HERE for Evil-Apprentice-Away, the one-spray solution to evil, backstabbing apprentices that stab you in the back! For just $19.99, you, too, can have the power that stopped Anthony Sullivan and Vince Offer dead in their tracks! But wait! There's more! Order right now and I'll throw in Bastila Shan, absolutely free! Just pay separate shipping and handling.

I lose this battle. I couldn't possibly find it in me to kill Billy Mays.

Also, I'll order twenty.

I lose this battle. I couldn't possibly find it in me to kill Billy Mays.

Also, I'll order twenty.

billy mays is dead, you kind of won already

admittedly, luffy probably couldn't beat a sith guy.

Hmmm... Okay, so, I'd probably summon a Persona, but Luffy'd just push it back into my head, so I'd be stuck with nothing, leaving him free to punch my lights out...

CONFUSE HIM WITH LOGIC! Then a headshot at point-blank range with an M107 Anti-Material rifle.

I'm a giant robot with cannons. I stand a good chance.

The guy at the computer cannot stand the power of the... Outside world and fresh-air.

Trampled by her forest creatures. Or shot in the face with an arrow your choice.

My avatar would run away as fast as possible, while looking very cool and stylish.

An 'infernal wrath' from the dark wizard and a 'divine wrath' from the bright wizard can kill him with ease

Goes up to that posing magician and punches him. In the face.

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