Your Avatar vs Above Avatar?

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You don't stand a chance.

Tell me, are you familiar with the phrase, Fwoosh! AAH! AAH! I'M DEAD NOW! Because, I promise, you will be familiar with it soon enough.

Are you a bird that's on fire or a bird made of fire?
If you are made of fire I lose as my knives would go right through you.
If you are on fire I would stab the hell out of you. Third degree burns aside I could take it.

Magical Trevor can take on anyone, anywhere.
First, I'd use my magic turns your hair into a magical wolverine that claws off your face.
Then I'd shoot you through the head with magic-beams.

I seduce Trevor into not killing me.
Then I make sweet passionate love to him.
And after that I slit his throat.

but... but... everyone loves him D:

OT: i dno who that is in your avatar, so i can't really say if i'd win or not.

"You'll never seduce me CRETIN!" *Stab*

That's how I picture it going anyway.

wow... ninja'd by two minutes I fail

"You'll never ninja me CRETIN!" *Ninja'd*

I guess I lost D=

I don't know that guy, but...he looks pretty human. And humans don't do well against giant blasts of doom.

-Looks at the Nuke- ... Yeah, I've killed a dragon before. I could destroy that without it going off.

-Critical Hit, Nuke saftly destroyed-

I'd probably do pretty bad since I'm wrapped in barbed wire.

Well i guess he'd be wrapped in barbed wire unable to do anything and i am too good to touch barbed wire so i would be unable to do anything.

Willy goes om nom nom.

Crunchy metal hurts my tongue.

The Whale breaks its jaw on my Armor.....

Humm, I'm not sure how well Vault Boy would do against a Gundum, but with the plasma pistol I might stand a chance.

Vault Boy goes -splatersplatersplater-

Critical hit.

I'd obviously win. Because nobody can fault the ingenuity of a child. Pfft, swords.

Hmm, tasty child.

Fresh meat!

If I can eat BAMBI then I can eat you!


-Critical hit- Hai. -Makes sushi and eats-

Hm. Swordguy? Sorry, but even taking down a dragon pales in comparison to the pain that a dropped nuke brings.

Well...obviously...I' YOU WIN!


-slightly side steps and avoids all damage-

I simply bide my time. You, unlike me, are mortal, and so time will claim you in the end. In the meantime, I shall amuse myself by slaughtering everyone you ever loved in increasingly inventive inventive that even David Caruso can't come up with a snappy one-liner for it.

That make me *sun glasses* different!


Plasma caster to the grion.

I don't know... are there any biological hazards for aliens?


Transformers to inner-Pretender Robot mode, alternates to jet mode and blasts you away with twin inked Laser cannons

[my avatar is the Transformer Bomb-burst/Blood btw]

Hah. You know nothing of the machine. We shall flay you to the base molecular structure; there can be no triumph over Death.


I need more biological avatars! For now I shall make do with a double 6 dice roll.

Hah! I passed my We'll be back roll.

;D You just can't keep a good robot down.

Well seeing how I'm a Spartan who's already dead, victory shall never be mine. -_-


-Gets Sarah to use cure on me- I'm good.

Would win, casts Shield beta

I win, snake always wins.

Not if Sam Fisher is involved.
But I don't know if my avatar is Sam Fisher...
So, probably you.

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