Your Avatar vs Above Avatar?

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My Tripeness will burn youe mind!

Mine would lose mightily. It's an egg.

Mine would just absolutely pwn, after all as you say, urs is an egg :L

Yours would just absolutely pwn, mine's just an egg :(

Then again, if your egg hatched into something like Godzilla then your probably alright :D

A tank vs a 2-dimensional figure?
The 2-dimensional figure would win, of course.
It's like rock-paper-scizzors
Tank<2-dimensional figure<Jpeg quality

There is no 2-D picture alive, or dead, that can stand up to a dancing cat.

in a dacing competition at least

Mine would lose mightily. It's an egg. Eggs can't dance.

Who could win against the author of the Origin of Species.

A dancing seizure cat, that's who!

I win

I can take out a giant mobile nuke launcher that had radar and a


I think I can take "That"

Nobody can stand up to the power of the uncorrupted save file!

Your mind = Blown

your just letters a lightening bolt and numbers. the bald dudes can make thier bottles of liquor into Molov Cocktails

Unfortunately i'd say it would be a draw.

Pfft... I say you should just leave.


Simple, Predator would see the cross, convert to Christianity and refuse to fight thereby forfeiting.

It appears to be a crucifix. Unfortunatley I am am Covenant and thus the symbol of our faith is Forerunner technology. Hence I do not fear this.

I win.

Let this be our FINAL BATTLE!

Hmm... It's a hard choice but I would have to say its Vrex that would win. He has a plasma rifle on him.

As oppose to my plasma caster? Still I've got my self destruct nuke... I still win!

I can respawn, I win.

Fuck, Zombie Predator?

Honestly? Who do you think?

I think you know what I'm thinking.

Considering mine is an abstract emblem, there's no way it'd win against the Predator.

I'd win. It's a freakin' emblem!

Ha! It's an ork! Tank, fire!

I win, unless your hunting for lions.

Mine would blackmail you and eventually drive you to suicide, because that's how he rolls.

Well, that or you would die of lung cancer.

You have no weapon so I would spare your pathetic life.

Predators eliminate infantry easily, but we're coming with a fierce panzer-battalion here.

its a lemming, of course it wins, its too stupid to not.

Don't worry I'll make it quick... and PAINFUL!!!

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