What should the user above you title be?

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If you could change the title of the above user, what would you change it to?

The hugging Ninja.

The STFU Man.

The evil emo.

The Master Hunter.

PhD in Kicking.Your.Ass.

the effeminate annoyer.

Sir Strange

Person I dont Know

The Pwease Wuv Mee Gurl.

Sir Nonamous.

Strange man who make me nervous.



Mr Snuggles

The newbie

//_O The Emo One O_\\

Ninja #3

Professional milk curdler

Awfully Kind.

The Running One

Doctor Strangelove



The one they call Sky.

Mister Messed up Face



the epic science guy

Mister McawesomePants

THAT guy

Not Sex Rex.


Lightening. Priced.

The big guy with a sword.

Mr. angry Lightsabre

Gordon Freeman.


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