What should the user above you title be?

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Pet Me, I'm Cute!

King of the skinny Jeans.

Why is the rum gone?

Lord of things not dm


[Insert Pineapple]

The fellow whose thread died.

A fellow who thinks this thread is dead!

The fellow who keeps this thread alive!

Biggest boss of boss.

The fellow who doesn't object against keeping this thread alive

Cat maid extraordinaire.

The Best With a Gun in The West

Vintage no. 1894

The Galactic Hitchhiker

Red Demon Kitty.

The one who's surrounded by cats

He who lurks in the cat kennel...

'I need a Chill-pill'

The Psychedelic Psychopath. You lull people into a false sense of security with tie-dyed T-shirts and marijuana and then BAM! You're stripping the flesh from their bodies and making it into hiking boots.

The one who is fresh and milky.

Kiss me, I've got mandibles.

Random letter man.

Also a Piratespy.


Dice Roller.

Tasty, tasty and tasty.

King Toast.

Clever crust.

War Walrus.

Someone who isn't toast

I Liek Toest!

I am the crust king.

The brave little poster.

Yeah, that was retarded. Sorry.

Kill it with fire.

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