What should the user above you title be?

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Someone who is incredibly wise.

actually very calm

Look at my awesome badge!

I <3 Catgirls!

EGGMAN! No, wait. Just Egg.

Reximus Rex!

One day I'll hatch...

Look at my sword!

Very misleading avatar.

Synchronized Smoking

Excused From Child Labor Laws.



kraD xeR

GF fo nOMEdhcrA ehT

droceR eth nO

Brown Alive Redemption

Tortured By Grammar Nazis

"I <3 Wahful"

I don't see it happening though.

Mr. FloppyCox.

In need of Hair gel

the hard crew

Right-hand Vice-Sergeant of the sex corps.

The Other Hand

The Other Catgirl.

The ponceist ponce to ponce past the ponceing parlor.

ZP Fanboy.

Perceptive represanitve of team retard.

The Smokey Duo.

Mr.McEmo Hair

Madam McA-*Gets distracted by boobs*

Boob Enthusiast

She who distracts people with boobs

Fluffy mcWiskers

The Argonian

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