What should the user above you title be?

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Anger Man.

Strange man.


Girly Man.

The guy who uses an avatar featuring a guy who underestimated his master and commited his betrayal too early so he got killed when his master took back the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith.

A damn ninja!

Sir Dark.


Ninja'd too

The One who changed his post


Mr. McMuscles.

Master of Cheetah Blood.

Killer Thriller

Lord of all under the moon.

The Wayward Scot.



Off the Record.


Member of the Fat Scots Club.

Newbie of the Pub Club...

Bearer of Bears.

Archangel of Religion and Politics.

you cant have my string GTFO

Dr. Angry Pants.

Dr. Huge Sword.

Dr. Green String.

Dr. Impossible hair.

Dr. McFloating e.

Dr. McEvilCorporation

Duke McPoopoopants III

Mr. Istartforumgamestoshowoffmynewtitle.

Are you still there?

So I herd you lieks catgirls?

Put Me Down!

I enjoy sulking and self-harm.

Too far?

For Teh Enrichment Center!

Nah, the latter WAS true at one point...

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