What should the user above you title be?

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Blow dyed!

Like a boss!

there aint no party like my nana's tea party!

Tea party like a boss!

Put on your red shoes.

we can dance if we want to!

Follow the red brick road

What am I!?

I am a man! *punch*

Dance the blues.

Walking the dinosaur is hard.

Hug machine.

Tremble like a flower.

Jersey Devil...

Visual Key.

Death Metal Incarnate...<.<

Oh noez!

Wannabe Super Hero Sidekick

ME Gonna!

Too many hats.

Not enough!

Doesn't take fall damage

The Infinite:
Wannabe Super Hero Sidekick


Resistant to mirror damage.

Takes Extra Damage from cupcakes on fire.

Easily distrac-Oh look a leash!

Needs more rope.

Resistant to cuteness.

Resistant to Charm.

Resistant to resistance.

Mr. Questionnaire :P

Resistant to division by zero.

Twisted resistor.

Resists with a smile on his face.



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