What should the user above you title be?

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The keeper of THE NATURAL OR~DAH

going gonzo since 1897

Long term ODD-ness!

Short term cupcake. o. o

medium ranged snuggle

Ballistic Lover

Awesome speech lover.


Land lover.


Land guzzler!

land grizzly!

Mer lover.

me gustavo

Me gulag.

120% sure he's not that good with numbers

I miss Double Dare. ;_;

In the shadows.

in the rain

On the Sun

in the moon

In Uranus.

known to be gassy XD

Is very sassy.

is quite nasty...

well that's a lie, but I couldnt find a rhyme for it...

What's a title?

fighter of the derailers

Would you like some trifle?

I sell sea-shells by the gun-shop

I sell them cheaper round the corner...

I sell stuff around the corner, too...

I don't like things that are different! D:<

I like ALL the things

Likes ALL THE things.

Chills with all the things! :D

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