What should the user above you title be?

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the thread display hamster considering the walrus in the endo

King chin.

Lord of the Flies.

Flies of the Lord.

Butler of Hell...kinda

Failed to kill Alucard.

Oooooooooooh buuuuuurn.

clubber of aborted baby seal foetus.

Provider of Clubs to Aces.

In search of boys to serve

Has a fresh stock of boys available.

Knows too much >.<

Wishes to silence me. With a cushion. A silk cushion. Stuffed with the finest goose feathers. And that smells like strawberries. <.<

A smile that cures cancer!

Poacher of fish and love.

He who is tormented by breasts...

Ice Fishing on Neptune

master of the internet

Voyager of SPAAAAACE!

Invader of Uranus.

pwner of trollz

Now features Katy Perry

Mighty tetris master!

Is now addicted to Tetris!

Butterfly guy!

Epic battle guy!

Make-Up Man!

Destroyer of couches!

Crusher of spines!

The Right Honorable Grand Duke of Overkill

Nuclear Non-proliferation Advocate

The King of the North!

Topaz Fusion Augustus Divi Filius Pontifex Maximus

The One Bomb to Destroy Us All!

Any sufficiently advanced taco is indistinguishable from a taco

The keeper of the gate, holder of the key, bearer of the flame, lord and sovereign of stuff and junk

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