What should the user above you title be?

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Fear the Chibi banhammer.

Please continue

This is not a hat.

Lover of Vibrant Colours.

Likes Tentacles!

Constant Clash

Not impressed

The ear of Saruon.

"Is Now An Artifact"

The All Powerful Taco.

Press Junketeer!? I can be so much more.

The best console of our time!

Making a Grilled Cat Sandwich

That which has always existed!

Reaching Out To The Truth

Better than airline food.

Still better than most consoles!

No Shows on Netflix? D':

Pervert Extraordinaire!

Time to Change the Title!

The Salsa is strong with this one!

Yo-ho-ho it's magic!

Not actually Happy

Hatty deliciousness.

Socially Awkward British Man

Not dead yet

Helmet Stew

Notorious food hater

Soup's on!

I wish I was an Atari

Still staring

The Ice Man Cometh

Taco Taco? Taco Taco Taco!

Loves Having People Fight

I Am Iron Shell Taco!

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