What should the user above you title be?

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Cute kitten lady! (how do you change title?)

Compensating with big scythe.

Compensating with fire and top-hat

Compensating with big wings.

Pokemon Master? Yeah let's go with that

The Maniacal Villain

The fabled magi-man

The Fallen.

The One who didn't get as famous as Darth Vader

Kitten Girl
Sorry don't know the Avatar

Glowing eyes of glowing.

Guy with the Nice Hat.

Magnificent Bastard.

Something that starts with a "K" I think

Nonsesnsical Cat.

The One Who Will Run

Bitch ass ho,leave him alone.

Lord of The Pokomenians.

Lord of Pouting.

Lord of the Hat

Lord of cute Cat Girls.

Sir Fuzzyfire.

Sir. Red-Eye Unhappy-Face.

Ser Emo Hair

Extra ketchup

Kitty Lovin' Girl

delivery boy

Dr. Jebus.

Sir Dr. McNasty.

Fallen-Angel Risen-Demon:
Cute kitten lady! (how do you change title?)

You have to be in the Publisher's Club.

The Villain of Portal 2.

A Highly EMOtional Person

So insecure right now

Concerned for his girls' wellbeing.

Sentry Mode Activated

Like the ordinary Rex, but not so bright.

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