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Amazing boy that has an amazing girlfriend. He has the utmost respect for her and would go to the ends of the earth for her. While his girlfriend may not like it, he likes to surprise her, but tells her he is going to surprise her which only leads to infuriate her. Even though his girlfriend believes he doesn't listen to her, he does. He is quite hairy but in a manly good way. He may be a loner, but it's what suits him. He's cute, and is often overly critical of himself. Often times he engages in the use of big words that are unintelligible to those around him. He is a big procrastinator that likes to plan ahead. He especially loves to stay up late at night and into the morning simply because he doesn't like to sleep.
Girlfriend to Boyfriend: Gosh your so stupid! Why can't you be more like that nick! At least he's interesting!

Girl 1: I wish me and dylan could be more like that nick and his girlfriend, their such a great couple. And he's so cute and interesting too, and I especially love his manliness.
Girl 2: I know, I wish I had a Nick!

A big guy with a big heart. Guys are jealous of him. Girls don't get him. Actually, nobody really gets him. That's because Nick doesn't try to be anybody - he's just Nick.

If you don't like Nick, you just don't know him well enough yet. If you hate Nick, he doesn't care. He knows that's your problem, not his.

He will be there for his friends, come hell or high water. He will even be there for some of his enemies. That's just the kind of guy he is.
Person 1: That Nick guy is strange.

Person 2: He's not strange, he's just comfortable with being himself. Get to know him - you'll like him. Trust me.

the most amazing person alive with a huge penis

All 3 fit, kind of. I'm single, other than that, yeah. I've actually been described that. Then I put on weight ._.


"one of the best guys in the world! he knows how to make a girl feel good about herself and cares. sweet, sexy, nice, fun, and huge penis. if only girls gave him a shot though... maybe one day <3"

"You will never forget this guy.
He is the sweetest guy you will ever meet.
He will stick by your side no matter what.
Has a beautiful smile.
Is sweet, funny, kind, a gentleman, lover, smart, everyone loves him.
Ladies man.
Best boyfriend ever.
Great cuddler.
Will turn your world upside down.
Thinks ahead of time.
Always on time.
Great listener.
Very friendly.
If you get him mad he will turn into a hardass.
I Love him <3"

Ego Boost gained!

Isn't defined yet.

I believe I have won now.
No, I'm not saying what it is, I don't want anybody to add it.


Both definitions oddly define me close to the letter, which is weird but I'll take it. I must live to the example of this definition. This also provides a good ego boost to one like me as I have a low self-esteem.

Well, let me get them up.

*One search later*
Got you go!

Well...I agree. Except that I am rarely a jerk! ...RARELY

Well...I live in Australia. Totally using it!

Well...I have no idea about this...ladies!

I like this so far. :D

Mini Necro!

This is actually creepy accurate... except for the better dressing and the swimming in girls part :/


Most liked definition: Cocky, usually always get girls to have sex with him.

I, uhm... Some of those definitions just make me blush, seriously.

There have been 'David's' posted, but not 'Dave', so here's what I got for 'Dave'.

A term used to refer to the coolest person in a group.
"Oh man, I was the Dave of the party".


1-4: Just normal stuff like great lover, big penis, ect.

Now for the good one, 5:
Future ruler/ender of the world, often likes to destroy people by throwing busses full of children at them. Sometimes puppies are in place of children. Does not give a damn about what you think, and will pretty much eat your soul.

Only reason why i'm still alive is because Josh hasn't found me yet!

Edit: As an afterthought I looked up my last name, thinking it wouldn't be there because it is rare. But it was there, and so messed up that I think I would get banned for it.

Not defined. Not surprised.

Purf, however:

A concept of personal intelligent realization; a state of being, acting, or feeling that transcends definition by standard positive adjectives. An intense occurrence or event, usually as a result of unexpected phenomenon.
"At that moment in time, my worries evaporated; the company of my friends and the positive energy of my surroundings brought me to a moment that was undoubtedly purf."

Yes. =)


"A strong silent type, yet once you get to know him, the goofy side comes out. He is full of grace, very handsome, and gives the best hugs! He is tender, gentle, an incredible love maker, enduring-the best to cuddle with. He is zealous in spirit and has a talent for building things. Eyes like the ocean,- you could get lost in them forever."

I like this game.


"somethin like a pimp in this day and age. one of the tightest names to ever have been created by mankind. derived from the latin word meaning "God, or King of Crunk""

That dude is a straight Aron for real.
That is the first one that I like, the second one is this.
"Aron is hands down one of the best guys you will ever meet. He is smart, caring, lovable, hot, laid back, sweet, sex god, and very manly. If something needs to be done arons will do it will style. The seem to have a very unique and awesome personality and ways of going about things. All the guys want to be like aron, and all the girls want to date them. Arons are the best friends and best boyfriends ever. If you get a hold of one be sure to hold on to him."

Guy 1: man, if only I could be like aron.
guy 2: dude, I know, he's got it all.

Girl 1: god, that girl is so lucky, she got an aron.
Girl 2: I know he is perfect


-the type of man every women dreams of. he opens doors and remembers every word you say, every detail and uses them later to surprise you with all your favorites. knows exactly how to work a women but does it because he loves her with no alternative motives. will do anything for the ones he loves especially his girl, would be forever indebted in order to please her. selfless in every way. knows exactly how to love a women. excellent kisser a true gentleman. a real life prince charming forever in love with his cinderella.

-a man who takes his drinks on ice and his women on fire.

"George didn't bring you roses for valentine's day?"
"because he remembered tiger lilies are my favorite"

The others mention what big a penis I have. Well I don't wanna brag.


The bestest, most wonderful, leetest gamer and teacher there is!!!
Wow, that Apostle r0xers. He kills me every round

Damn straight I'm the best.



Usually a very very very good-looking straight gentleman that has great taste in women. He has a crazy side to him but only shows it in front of true friends. Has great style, is hilarious, amazing, caring, sweet and will make you smile. You will always have a good time with an Alexander, so if you got a friend named Alexander count yourself one of the luckiest people in the world!

"Why you smiling like that?"
"I hung out with Alexander"


Longer version of Alex mostly used to piss people with the name Alex off

Bob: Hey Alexander whats up! (Giggles)
Alex: Fuck Off!!!

''He is a fun loving guy really funny and can make anyone laugh.He is very quiet at first and seems shy but when you get to know him you will fall in love.He has very good style and always looks handsome.He also always smells really good :)''

''A cool guy with the ladies all over him. Smart, funny, and hot, with a great dick.''

''Future ruler/ender of the world, often likes to destroy people by throwing busses full of children at them. Sometimes puppies are in place of children. Does not give a damn about what you think, and will pretty much eat your soul.''

Well, I'm glad that they're (mostly) positive!

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