The league of extraordinary sidekicks. ((Closed --- Started))

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"Let me hit the fish man" said max stepping forward to face Rapids. Max cracked his neck as he was walking up to him. Max winds up for a punch and let's it go at the fish man.

Rapids flew backwards, knocking all manner of debris aside until he reached the teller's desks with a thud. He got up to his feet, rubbing his jaw. "I think you gave me a concussion." He groans to no one in particular. "Well, all right tough guy. You can punch. Let's see if you can float."

He brought his hands back behind him as the water in the air condensed into a small wave behind him. A few drops of the poison mingled with it, turning the whole thing a sickly green.

"Don't let that hit you!" Oliver yelled, surrounding himself and Scalpel with a golden aura. Despite his efforts he couldn't quite reach Max.

Rapids tossed his hands forward, sending the wave crashing towards the large hero.

Max hearing what Oliver said as the wave rushed toward him tried to jump to the side. With all his strength he jumps to the side and curls up into a ball to roll far out the way.

Poe was bored, why did Comarade Avian want him to watch those two kids? It seemed odd, he and Comrade Avian had killed people more promising than them. He was keeping himself busy by playing chess against Blackwing, and he was losing

Roxanne had it the perfect plan. She felt the metal of the vault door. Highly conductive, perfect. She melted a tiny bit off and kept it in her hand.
"Garret take this it will be important later. You will need it to wake me up again. Oh and sorry but when you are getting me up after a metal sleep. I will be pissed off so no offence to would be the same with anyone. Now when he gets in here I am going to run up and grab him, while turning metal. There might be a bit of a splash so stand back. I am sure I will be safe I promises. That way he is trapped in a metal hug you can shock him all you want. Just try not to break me. Melting I can take but dents hurt a lot. "
You ok with that.
"It looked like he nodded.
Oh and I know it sounds silly but could you avert your gaze when I start moving like bad stop motion animation. I kind of feel like I am naked." (How she looks when becoming something that can't move like a statue.)

"Er, sure, I guess?" Said Garrett, arriving in the vault after her.

Taking the syringe out of Roxanne's hand, he continued, "I'm just gonna hide...somewhere..."

The vault was huge, at least by Garrett's standards. There were easily 12 shelves stuffed to the brim with boxes of money.

"I guess it is a pretty big bank," Mumbled Garrett as he chose to go behind the furthest shelf.

He pulled out the printer from his bag, and started to rip off the protective rubber wire covering.

Rachel could see two birds in the window. It was just their shadows, but it looked as though they where playing chess with their talons. That's neat. I wonder what they're actually doing.... Hey, not gonna chime in? ....Okay, you're leaving me alone. Thanks.... I feel lonely with no one else in here. She put her head in her hands and examined the others closely. God, none of us are even out of our twenties, and yet most of us have killed before. I don't know if I should be crying or laughing maniacally at that... Where the hell are you? You haven't said anything, despite the multitude of jokes you could have made.

Tom waited for the Swan to come out. I'd only ordered as a joke, knowing dragon would refuse, but he's made it. So Well, I'll have to eat it. This man truly is well connected. Could he in fact be the watcher in the dark. Could they be the same person. Is this some kind of trap. Tom nodded at Rachel. And what was Rachel's angle here. Why is she being friendly to me. I was fool, Childish. Everyone has an angle. I have have an angle. Kill the watcher, and kill the monster i become. But what is everyone else's.

Garret blinks infront of Avian in the opera. " Avian, Thomas is being shaky I think he is regretful of the side he is on. We are removing him from our side as soon as possible. Get the dove to floor forty six and take out rachel, I will take care of Thomas, This need to be done Tonight there won't be another Oppurtunity like this. Send me a messenger pigeon if you need me. Garret says as he blinks back into the dining room, Exhausted.

That is a long way to blink

Robert shrugged. "Too late for you, then." He turned around the corner and fired three times, taking down one of the guards. He ran forwards, deflecting a bullet with his robotic forearm, and punched another in the face with the same limb. He turned to face the third, and got a kick in the gut.

"Eff off, Robot!"

Nemesis looked up. Without hesitating, he jammed his fingers into both of his eyes.

"I'm not a robot. I'm THE robot."

The man fell to the side, screaming bloody murder. Nemesis walked down the stairs, finding a group of civilians. "Relax. I got them. You guys are safe." He cut their duct tape handcuffs with his ninja-to, and continued.

He opened another door, and found two other men waiting for him, both with wrenches. Robert gripped his sword and charged.

Slash. "AUUGH!" Shing. "GOD HELP ME!" Snap.

He wiped off the blood. "Damn, Jase, you need to get in the moment here."

"Damn", muttered Avian silently, he walked out of the Opera, it was a bad time to, the count was comferting his sons future wife with a touching seranade."Poe, shits geting serious, send the dove to floor 46 and tell him to take out Rachel, I'll be there as soon as possible." Damn, thought Avian, that was 60$ down the drain." also, tell Garret I'll be there, it seems that I have more killing to do today."

As Garret changes back into his armour Poe comes into the room and gives him the message. "Excellent thank you poe!" Garret says as he blinks once again back to the dining room.

"Why the armor Garret"Why the armor. Whats happening"This is a dinner, not a battle"

"Poe decided to gnaw on my arm" He says indicating a large cut on his bicep. "I never was on good terms with him" Garret says

"All right." Lies. Lies. Lies. Lies. What is happening here. That fucking Garrets expecting a fight. With me? No. He wouldnt be doing that. He said he respects me. Dragon? He brought us here. But if hes the watcher, then its him. But if its not, then.. Hrmm. I need to be careful. And what does Rachel want to meet me for. Is the watcher her. No. yes? NO. its not her. I know that.

Rachel noticed a worried look on Tom's face. "You okay, honey?" Rachel asked. Yes, just play along, *snicker* they'll just think that me and him are going to... no, no, no, I am not thinking about that.

While Dragons guests were talking, he had bee nbusy trying to find everyones food. The Swan had taken slightley longer than expected to find, but he eventually found someone willing to make it for them, as long as he provided a signature with the payment. He hangs up his phone, turning back towards everyone on the table. "Food will be here soon.", he looked towards Garret, "Um, mate, take your armour off. People will think I'm weirder if they go into my place with an armoured man in there.". He picks up his drink that he had gotten himself, he had filled it with some red wine.

He grabbed te bottle he used, shaking it slightley, "Anyone?"


As rapids saw his attack had failed and missed, he realised he could not avert a wave that powerful in time to hit his opponent. So it just missed, slamming into the wall, smashing the windows.

He took his few droplets of the poison out, and keft them floating in the air. "Since your kids, I'll play a kiddie game with you, The floor is lava!" he yelled out. He formed all the droplets from inside and outside, condensing them aound thhe floor area, leaving an inch of water around their ankles. He waved at Paragon, "Bye bye" as he dropped the poison into the water. The poison spread like a wildfire, making the water turn a sickly green.

[Color=red]"You okay, honey?" Rachel asked. "Yes. Rachel. I'm just tired and overwhelmed"And defensive. I have to be on my guard now"I'll have a glass of wine if you dont mind Dragon."[/color]

Robert put a finger to his communicator.

"Paragon, this is Nemesis. I have secured the civies up here, do you need any help with River down there?"

Max got up after his roll and turned to look at Rapids. Seeing him about to drop the poison in the water he looked around quickly to find something to climb on. He spied the tellers desk not 3 feet away from him and climbed on it gently, hoping it would not break under his weight.

Dragon smiled at Tom, "Good. Its terrific wine." He stood up and pured it into his glass. "By the way, you all didn't hear this. But call me Curtis unless we are on a mission. It wouldn't do well for my career if people knew I was a supervillian."


Rapids laughed, "Yes, try and escape it". He the poison hit his ankles, It took no effect. "Would you honestly think that I would use a poison that I would be effected by?"

"Curtis Then" Said tom taking a small sip of the wine. Is this poisoned. No, hes drinking from it "Mmm, this really is good."

Max took our the communticator given to him by Oliver."Now how do you work this thing..." Max pressed the button he hoped would let him talk.
"Hello? We could use a bit of help down here, the floors flooded with his poison so be careful" Max said carefully into the little device.

Garrett decided that, due to his newfound safe-ness, now would be just a lovely time to check in.

"This is Garrett. Paragon, we're ready when you are." He communicated.
"Also, I-I think Roxanne melted her communicator. Yeah... Yeah that's it on the ground. Those crazy kids, am I right? Yeah, I'm right. Don't worry about it. Over."

"Alright, be right there." He walked down the stairs and cut the top of a door off. The floor was covered in poison water. He vaulted over the half-door onto a teller's counter.

He held his ninja-to out to the side, his Glock still in his other hand. "Somebody call a plumber? Because I think I see a leak."

"distract him Robert" said Max picking up the communicator again.
" Whatever you guys planned on doing to this guy do it now, floors covered in water and we can hardly move in here,Roberts distracting fish man" Max clicked off his communicator and looked over to Rapids.

"A plumber?" Rapids looked at him confused, "That was terrible!" He raised his hands and formed the water droplets behing him. A big wave emerged, still poisened and came flying toward Roberts back.

Garrett heard Max's voice through the communicator.

"Whatever you guys planned on doing, do it now"

"Er... right." Garrett said, begrudgingly. "C'mon Roxy, we got some fish to fry."

They headed out the vault, and looked over the counter; poisoned water was covering the street outside, and some had splashed in through the windows.

"I don't suppose you have any super jumping skills?" He quickly asked Roxanne. She shook her head.

"Yeah," Garrett spoke into his communicator, "You're going to have to bring him closer somehow."

Curtis smiled at Tom, "Thanks, Its my favourite" He saw the look on his face, "Dont worry, its not poisoned. I've seen what you can do with your sword, I dont want to be on the recieving end of that."

A knock could be heard, Curtis ran over to the door. Greeting his delivery man and letting him inside. He carried with him on a tray, all the orders everyone wanted. He asked what they wanted, they all replied and got their food.

Curtis wished goodbye to the Delivery man, payed him what he owed and sat back down with everyone. "Enjoy".

Max heard Garrett over the comunicator and decided what to do."How bad can this stuff hurt... does Scalpel do poison wounds? i cant remember... well ill give it a go anyways..."
Max jumped off the table and ran at rapids, grabbing him and throwing him to Garrett and Roxanne and quickly climbing back onto another table, examining his feet.

Tom picked at his swan. Theres more than enough swan for man thereTom thought, placing some of it on his place. He took a sip from his wine. This is actually quite good. Hrmm.He looked over at Rachel. "you enjoying your meal?"

Rapids tries to stop himself with some water, which slowed him down somewhat, still going fairly fast towards Rachel and Garret. He lands with a thud and a splash in the water, rolling up and gathering some water around him as a sheild.

As max looked at his feet, he realised that they had started to sting slightley, then turning to a sharp burning sensation, Before dissapating. His shoes had taken the majority of the poison, so his feet were still mostly alright.

Garrett saw Max toss Rapids over.

"Well, not what I was expecting, but hey, Life and Lemons and all that. God I hope he wore thick boots..."

Garrett braced himself against the wall, near enough to the window so that he would have time to throw, but far enough so that the water wouldn't touch him. He heard the tell-tale splash, and reacted as quickly as he could. Using his powers, he awakened the printer, raw wire and all, and hurled it out the window.
Please work please please pleeeease work! Thought the Black Hole.

"Yeah. I don't think I ever could have afforded anything like this." He doesn't hold his wine that well. Wait, I just thought that, not... I should give her a name. How about... Jaime. No, to plaid out, I know, Rachel Two. But hey, just a little longer and I can see whatever Tom wants. I'll do whatever he wants, anything, no matter what it is, even if I don't want to.... What the hell do I have to do? I lined up a joke for you, now take it! "How's your... Swan?"

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