The league of extraordinary sidekicks. ((Closed --- Started))

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Max walks over to Garrett after hearing what he said. "You did the right thing, we can always get new computer stuff, but you saved those people"

Scalpel sat in the chopper looking at Jason, admiring his wound.

"Yeah," replied Garrett, perking up a bit.

"But still, thousands of dollars gone, along with this backpack. I mean, what am I supposed to do with it now?" He showed Max the interior; rivers of the poisonous water were flowing through his prized electronics.

"Hey poison water might become useful for hurtin bad people" said Max looking into the abyss of the bag.

Nemesis jumped on at the last second. "Hey, nice job you guys. I probably did the least, to be honest."

"I don't know i had something planned but that never happened. Oh well."
Desperately trying to distract them from how naked she had been a few moments ago.
"Oh yeah it is my birthday in a few days. I turn 16."

"Oh? you are suprisingly young" said Max, impressed with how talented she is at an early age.

"That's great... Renegade, we're all in. Let's move."

The chopper rose into the air, making its way North just above the treeline. After ten minutes or so the intercom rang out as Renegade announced their arrival.

"If you look below, you will see Castle Manor, our last stop on today's trip."

To call it a Manor was not correct. It was closer to a fortress. Jutting out from the hillside, "Castle Manor" was a 12-story monument to Renegade's own arrogance, covered in dazzling lights, all slanting down the mountain in a pyramid style, getting smaller as you went up. As they approached Renegade pressed a few buttons in the cockpit, watching in glee as a bit of the hill itself disappeared, revealing a small hangar with five ships similar to this one lined up in a row. Renegade brought the chopper in, carefully aligning it with the others. The rotors finally came to a halt and the doors flung open, letting the various heroes out.

"Renegade can give you the tour." Oliver said. "First, though... bedrooms are on the third floor. Make yourselves at home. I'll be... in the kitchen." Grasping his stomach in agony, Oliver stumbled towards one of the elevators in the corner of the hangar and disappeared behind its metal doors.

Renegade, meanwhile, had finally exited the chopper in his wheelchair and made for the other elevator, ordering the heroes to keep up.

"Well you know I spent my life doing something I love and I have the power which helped. So I learned fast. Which reminds me, it might sound like I just ask random questions but I just do it to learn. With that in mind anyone know what happens when supers have children? Do the kids get the gene or is it random?"
Now looking out the window.
"Nice place, and here i was expecting some dingy factory."

"Hehe this place is cool, cmon Scalpel lets follow Renegade" said Max gleefully as he almost skipped behind Renegade.

She stepped out in to the hanger.
"So where are the rooms? I take it I get my own room, it would be kinda illegal otherwise wouldn't it?"

"All right!" Said Garrett, enthusiastically.

He followed the group off the chopper, barely restraining himself from skipping. He'd never visited anything near this size before, and he was psyched.

Nemesis looked around. It was enormous- That's what she said, he thought- and he had only been in a building this size once before. He didn't like to talk about the second time.

He followed Renegade into the elevator. "Let me guess, this goes up to floor 8,000?" he asked.

Renegade waited for the other heroes before opening the doors to one of the elevators, waving them inside.

"We'll be heading to the third floor first." He said. "Pick out a room. After that, you've got free reign. I, on the other hand, will be heading to the basement levels. Those are strictly off-limits, understood?"

As he finished his speech the doors opened, leading them to a circular room that branched off in multiple directions, each hallway filled with multiple bedrooms.

"Never know how many friends I'll have over in a night." He said.

You're scarred. You're really scared. Yes, I am. I don't know what it is I'm going into, and that's terrifying me, but if it this gets rid of you, I'll be happier than ever. Rachel looked at Tom. "Yeah, let's get this over with." She said. She walked into the facility. "Sign me in, I'll fill out any paperwork if there is any." She said, then approached the front desk and waited for Tom to follow.

"Wow." She hugged him. "Thanks for all this." She ran off into one of the side rooms. It was really nice.
First thing first she moved her suitcase to under the bed where no one would find it. Now what?
She lay down door open just listening out to everyone around her."

Poe was bored with the debates. This was because out of all the birds the hunters were the dumbest, he had just had to listen through five arguments based around how the bird debating could eat the other ones, four about how they 'deserved it', and two about how Comarade Avian liked them better. Poe was getting very bored, he hoped something happenend soon.

Garrett rushed into the first room he could find, and closed the door.

He took out his backpack, and dropped in, onto what was once his computer desk.

There has to be something I can salvage... he thought.

As they walked in tom leaned over. "We need to be very careful here. My parents are doctors at the hospital." He swaggered up to the counter. "Hey marge" he said to the obese clerk at the counter.
"Wat ya want" She drawled back.
"My friend here" and tom pointed to rachel. "Had a bad reaction to..clams.."
"how bad is it?"
"Well...shes not dead yet..But..She fainted before."
"Get her up to Allergies, I'll get your dad to take a look." The clerk said, grinning.
Should never have thrown muffins at her. Knew it would come back to haunt me.
Tom walked off down a corridor, taking Rachel with him. "Fuck,My parents know i'm here now. We need to be very careful" He took out his phone and put the dragons number in. "Dragon. Where exactly is this person who'll take a look at rachel, We need someone who'll keep a secret."

Nemesis sat down in a room and plugged his IV into his arm. Nutritious liquid began to to flow into his veins. That's the stuff. Haven't "eaten in a day.

Max walked over into a room that wasnt taken and fell asleep on the bed almost instantly.

Dragon had to skid slightley avoid Avian who had tried to walk up and talk to him while he was driving. He parked it in the side of the road and grabbed Garrets folder. "Nice work. I can easily find these people now. Assuming that they have done somethin before." he put the folder away in the glovebox. He rolled down his window and called Avian over, he complied. Whe nhe was over there, Curtis wacked him over his head, "Its a fucking car, what the hell?" he yelled at him, before continueing, "I would prefer to know all of their powers before we make a plan.".

As he finished talking to the Psycotic Docter, his phone rang, holding up his hand to silence him, he picks up. "Hey Tom... Oh yeah, ask for Dr. Magenta, he has powers very siutable for Psyciatry, he is a good fried of mine, I helped him pay for his degree... I'm going to send Garret to you with some stuff to make sure you both are ok... Cya man." He hung up the phone and instantley undid his seatbelt and dived into the back seat, searching for things.

He eventually emerged holding a few things, He holds up this black swirly pice of technology. "It's a communicator, this one goes in your ear" he holds the swirly peice up, "And this one" he holds a smaller flatter piece, "Goes in your mouth, at the base of your throat. Just swallow it and it sticks there. Its fine trust me" He picks it up and drops it down his throat.

He holds up another object, it looks like a mimic of a grenade. It was all coloured black, "Its a darkness bomb. It has all of my powers in there, fills any place with darkness so deep that not any light can penetrate." he tosses that on to his seat.

"Last thing is this" He holds up a small pill, "Its dessigned so you can see in the dark, you get sort of like Thermo-vision for a few minutes. Its perfect for silent escapes."

He moves back to his front seat and passesthem all to Garret, "Blink and give these to them please"

As the others went about their business upstairs, the first floor was bustling with activity as Oliver darted from computer screen to computer screen. What would have been a living room anywhere else was a command center in Castle Manor. At the front of the room sat several monitors for different computers, all sitting under a massive television screen. Oliver had finished an extremely large meal just a few moments ago. Roast chicken, some cranberries and mashed potatoes. A LOT of mashed potatoes. He stopped for a moment to wonder why he loved the stuff so much. It didn't even taste all that interesting.

Must be the gravy. He thought. He marveled at his own speed. Shortly after refueling after a mission, Oliver always felt like he could take on the world. Being rejuvenated that quickly would do that to a man. He had barely taken the time to change into a shirt and some jeans before getting to work adding all of the new guests into the database.

"Let's see here, we've got Max, Roxanne, Robert, Scalpel, darn it who was that last one... Jason! Right, Jason." He tended to mutter to himself as he worked, checking his own work for mistakes. He glanced at the clock.

Almost 11:00 PM already? He pressed a button, withdrawing the monitors for a moment. Quickly enough, he realized that it had gotten incredibly dark out, and he could see the bright lights of the city from here. He noted how breathtaking the view was at night. It never got old to him. After a minute or so he pressed the same button, bringing back the monitors. He retreated from his seat to a large couch sitting on a bit of floor lowered from the rest. He slumped down and grabbed the remote, turning on the television.

FMA's on in a hour. Until then I guess I'd better catch up on the news. With a sigh of disgust, he flipped to the first news station that crossed his mind.

The news Report flickered on. Showing images of a broken museum, massive holes covering the entire building, and a broken statue near the hole. A lady's voice could be heard over accompanying the images from a helicopter.

"This is breaking news, just an hour ago, a group of Super Villains attacked the Museum of History. Multiple casualties were had, its estimated that about 20 guards were killed." She pauses for a few seconds to show more shots of the bloodied inside of the Museum from the hole in the roof. "We are not sure what group did this. We only managed an image from one of the security camera before it was broken. Here is whats shown"

A Video from just outside of the Museum is seen. It shows the side of the building, then nothing but darkness on the other side. A quick flash in the darkness in the shape of a human flashes across quickly. It flashes again, standing slightley closer holding a blade of darkness in his hand. He flashes away again, then it just cuts to static.

"That is the only clues as to who did this horrifying deed" The stilled picture of the man standing there with his blade is shown to the right of the news reporter. It was very fuzzy and not easily to identify, it was a man with pure white hair, a mask in the shape of a butterfly covering his face, making his hea dalmost completley white. He was wearing a pitch black suit, with a red shirt underneath, a pair of headphones rested on his shoulders. The blade that he was carrying was a double edged sword, with a point facing towards the sky and another facing towards the ground.

"Our sympathies to those families that lost a loved one. Someone also seemed to feel the same way. Each of the families effected recieved a large sum of money, almost each at a million or two. It will not stop their pain, but it might ease it."

She turned to another camera as th epicture changed to a lady who was passed out on the ground. In the backround could be heard "A maid was found passe dout on the streets today, having almost overdosed on heroin..." The reported kept on talking about what else had happened during the day.

Oliver watched the newcast with uncertainty. As it went on an uneasy feeling settled in his gut. Was it fear? No, he decided. That wasn't quite it. He wasn't sure what it was, but it was nothing good. As soon as he was certain the report was over he crawled off the couch and went over to one of the monitors. He opened up the Intercom to the basement levels, where Renegade was.

"Hey, Dan."

A few seconds passed before an answer came. "Yeah?"

"I'm guessing you were watching that report?"

"I was. Any idea who it is?"

"No, I've never seen him before. I was hoping you'd know something."

"Not a thing. But let me guess..."

"I need you to look him up." Raising his voice over Renegade's variations of the phrase "Called it," Oliver continued. "I don't care what it takes, but find out everything you can about these people."

"All right Oliver." Dan replied. "It could take some time, but I'll find something. What'll you be doing while I handle this?"

"This team is new, and though I must give it credit we struggled to take on one supervillain. We messed up, and nearly got the hostages killed. If we're going back out on the field, we have to be prepared. I'll run 'em through the Gauntlet, see what they're made of."

"Now hold up there Oliver," Renegade interjected. "I didn't send you through the Gauntlet until your second year of training, and even then you about died."

"Back then there was no time constraint, Dan. We didn't have a group out there who could attack at any moment. Right now, I have to make sure that if we have to take these guys on, we're ready. Goodnight, uncle Dan. I'm heading to bed."

"I know you're lying, Oliver. But good luck. You'll need it if you're going to make something out of this."

Oliver shut off the intercom, and as he got ready to turn the TV back on he realized he'd forgotten Garett in the database. He smacked himself and got back to work.

Garret appeared from one of the empty rooms and handed Rachel and Tom several pieces of equipment. "You swallow this, Put this in your ear, this is a darkness grenade, which covers the place in darkness, kind of like what Dragon can do, and this is a pill that lets you see through the darkness. Any questions? No? Good." He blinked away, possibly back to the others. "Okay. So, we've got stuff now." Rachel put everything into her pocket. "And I didn't know your father was a doctor. What should our relationship be if he asks?"

Oliver turned to see a dark figure in the doorway.
"My room isn't sufficient."

Tom did as Garret said. "I'm hoping he doesnt see us frankly, I said i was over at a friends house, if he saw me at a hospital with a unknown girl, well then, i don't want to explain that." he stopped for a second. "And if he does, dating maybe? It might help. Who knows." Tom shrugged. Tom looked down the hall. Shit its my dad.Wit ha quick grab, he drew rachel him self into a small room of the hallway. His dad walked past, a annoyed look on his face. "That was close, Now lets find the psychiatrist."

Oliver was a bit confused at this statement. "How so?"

Scott stepped forward into the light of the computer monitors. He wasn't wearing his trench coat or his mask. Oliver took a second look and barely recognized him. "Scalpel?"
"Scott..." Scott held out his hand for a shake.
"My room needs to be connected to the infirmary. where ever that is..."

"I'm pretty sure he'll know that his son is in the building if the receptionist knew you as his son, but I'll try and avoid him while I can. But for now, we're going to need to get a room." Rachel said. Yeah, because showing up to a hospital, where your dad works, with a mystery girl in your arms is really the best thing to do. Ho, and the room thing, that's what she said.

Oliver looked at Scalpel confusedly for a moment before shaking his hand.

"Well, Scott, the infirmary's up on the fifth floor. If you take the elevator it's the fifth room on the right on the left hallway. There's a small bedroom connected to it. It's not much, but it should fit what you need; you're welcome to it."

"I need it. If there is someone in the infirmary I can't afford to be 3 floors away if something happens. I'm going to claim that extra room for when someone is spending time in the infirmary, otherwise I will stay in my normal room if that is fine."

Oliver nodded.

Scott glanced at the computer monitors. "You may put in my real name in your computer. But my identity stays hidden to everyone until i decide who is worthy for it or not. Also Of the dirt you dig up on everyone, I'm going to need their medical records. I'll ask Garrett to set me up a vault in the infirmary room." Scott began to walk out of the room but stopped in the doorway. "Renegade better be in those records. I'll be checking out my work space when you get that info, give me a shout." Scott tapped the intercom on his way out.

"He knows i'm here, the damn clerk told him. Possibly why he looked Pissed. Now where do we find this Dr. Magenta?" Tom opened the door and peeked out. He's gone"Quickly, this way" tom whispered, taking rachels hand and leading her down a corridor. They walked down the halls and corridors for a while, until finally they got to a room with the name 'Dr. Magenta' on it. "Ok, lets go in." tom said, opening the door.

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