If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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As the title states, if you were to hit the escapist above yourself, why would that be?

I can't post a reason for obvus reasons.

I'd hit him for using 'where' instead of 'were' in the title.

I'd hit the escapist above me, because I corrected the misstake, and now I hit him in victory.

I have my reasons.
They are my own not yours.
People who ask me why get punched.

I'd hit him for his glorious specificity as to his motivations.

I'd hit him for having the trippy avattar.... Whoooaaaa duuuuuude

I don't like people who extend words for no reason.
and i don't like you.
This is your first warning.
You won't be warned again.

I'd hit him for giving a warning.

I'd hit him for hurting that poor defenseless guitar.

I'd hit him for his disgusting lifestyle habits.

I would hit him.... What? Do i need a reason? Alright.
Causing pain is fun, ergo, I'll punch all of you.

I'd punch him because he's a nerd. You tell by his coke bottle glasses, and his silly hair cut.

As his fist speeds towards me i get up from my seat and punch him full on in the fist. He collapses for you see I am actually punch man. The super hero with invincible fists.

Methinks that the only reason that I could find cause to strike any of thy noble selves would be for some slight of honour, for which any led by a chivalrous code would be compelled to his honour as one of noble heart.

I would strike him because he thinks talking in a sporting manner makes him sporting when it does not.

To see him scream

Becuase giving someone a sucker punch makes my day

Because I tried to kill him with fire, but that wasn't quite sufficient.

I would hit him for suggesting that there was something that couldn't be destroyed by enough fire.

I would hit him for being crewman number 6, and I hate 6.

I would hit them for being the person above me in all the threads I've posted in here today.

You're making me look like a stalker! >.> <.< >.>

For being a stalker

Screw reasoning,I punch who I want when I want.

For telling me he gifted me a game on Steam when he really didn't!

For confusing me with his "Hello" in that other thread...

For punching people!

For being a vigilante!

For not knowing what "Hello" means!

For not dating me in another thread.

For being so gosh darn hittable.

For being lame.

For being so loud and yet quiet.

For his avy is getting old.

Cause he deserves it.

Because he's delusional.

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