If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For being to noisy.

For being emo.

For punching the moon.

for staring in to my soul

For looking at me funny while I stared at their soul.

For playing games on Steam!

For hitting that poor innocent heartless so many times.

For haveing a Silleh Glasses Avatar

For liking Furrehs!

For playing Oblivion as I type this!

For wearing bright yellow shoes with dark red shorts

For stealing my turnips.

For getting his turnips stolen.

For being a robot

For having a soul.

For being a sociopath.

For being a sociopath.

Actually that is a good description about me, good job!

OT: For not being crazy.

For free ballin' today.

For flying without wings.

For flying with wings

For the sake of doing so.

For being inhumane.

Because it'd be fun.

Because he made me cry

For crying like some emo!

For not being emo enough today!

For failing at being emo!

For being emo.

For failing at being emo!

Ideology I am an emo, just I do not really dress or act like one.
OT: For not being an emo ever.

For not dressing like an emo!

For being a semi-emocreature.

For not having the emo ideology.

For not voting for the United Emo Front.

For wanting me to join his emo club.

For trolling my emo club.

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