If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For having an emo club.

For hitting me for creating an emo club.

Because he won't stop hitting me with that keyblade!

Because he won't make those squares still...

For thinking that his non-gif avatar was better!

For that he hasn't watched Evangelion yet.

For existing.

For not being a box of knives.

For stealing my cookies.

For having cookies stolen.

For giving me decaf coffee.

For not liking decaffed coffee.

For not dyeing his hair!

For using make-up.

For hating usage of make-up.

For not standing still.

For diving by zero.

For having an avatar that looks like, but probably isn't, Batman with giant swords for arms.

For thinking that my avatar looks like but probably isn't Batman with giant swords for arms because it isn't.

For invading my dreams.

For shooting my dream.

For having dreams.

For banishing dreams.

For dreaming my dreams.

For not liking Inception.

I mean, if you didn't like Inception I'd hit you. If you liked it, then we don't have problem.

For going lolwut throughout the movie!

For being emo throughout the movie.

For leaving me to die in a fire.

For having a lack of Pants of course.

For doing stuff, or something.

For beating that poor...thing!

Because I'm tired and sore and it's clearly his fault.

I'd hit that because he asked me to...honest.

Because he is a berserker.


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