If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For not liking squirtles

For pointing a gun at me.

Holy shit a justified response.

For running out of minerals in SCII!

Punch if it's Zerg

For not constructing additional pylons.

For not detecting that nuclear launch!

For trying to yiff me ;;

For resisting.

For trying to yiff at all.

The chair would cushion the blow

For eating all of the watermelons.


For not letting me hit Traitor first.

For posting too much.

For not posting enough!

For posting just the right amount.


Now for something completely different!

For mspring.

For qspring.

For Tau'va.

Server ate post.

for blaming the serve

For not believing me.

for punching the dead

For looking a gift horse in the mouth.

For telling what not to do

For bringing a butcher knife to a fist fight.

For bringing a fist to a knife fight.

For making excuses.

For making sweet sweet love.

For eating my goddamn donuts. >:I

For having that smile.

For that creepy stare.

For that disliking towards mudkips.

For being a ginger.

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