If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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Because his pain has just become my permanent occupation.

For chatting with me on Steam pretty much ALL day.

He tried to poison me!

He cheated!

Cause he's sucking rainbow sewage up from the toilet.

Because my fist wants to give him a kiss.

Conspiracy to commit grand theft sandvich.

For being called Code Monkey and having a cat avatar.

To see how the swollen bits of the goat hurt.

To see him finaly still, and not dancing all the time.

They killed my family! And I don't like that sort of thing.

He's human scum and I forgot my human killing kit.

What, you need a reason? Hitting somebody is its own point.

For stealing my name.

I dislike twins
They are unnatural
I am doing the world good by punching both of them.

For making me think the word "avalanche" was in your username which raised my spirits before I took a closer look. That's as punch-worthy a reason as any.

You don't like my name?

Impersonating me

Impersonating himself.

He knows what he did.

Is on fire. Maybe if I hit him hard enough, I can beat the flames off him and save his life.

I will hit him because he ninja'd me.

Because he's got more posts than me.


Violence. Hit the sinner!

For being stupid enough to put his eyeballs in his hands.

I'd hit him simply to bump my post count higher.


He knows too much!

I hate clowns.

I'd hit him because because Squaresoft's translation team didn't know what piece of Irish mythology that cat is referencing.

I'd hit him because he's not in colors.

Because his avatar is Cat Shit who deserves a good punch.

Because he has dirty hands.

Because I couldn't control my hand when his avatar sent me into seizures.

For having the most pixelated avatar!

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