If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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Because he is a weak spot.

For destroying his weak spot.

To see if I can find his weak spot.

For not having the weak spot locator.

For thinking that I do not have it! Well, I actually do! I just want to have a challenge, so I do not use it!

For not using resources.

For trying to eat money.

For staring at me with those creepy red eyes...just..so..damn...creepy.

For trying to eat my fist.

For being a slave to the Prophets.
Edit: for exploiting my lag.

For being so cute

For not being cute enough.

For stealing my internets!

For feeling entitled to internets.

For thinking they are cute enough

For taking my internets and saying it was his!

For thinking I kept the internets.

For making me drop the scotch tape I was playing with.

For playing with himself.

for being a guy and wearing cat ears

Because it's fun.

For pouring kerosene on my computer.

for eating my cat

For letting hail eat the poor kitty

For saying I lack imagination

For being a my little toe.

For not making sense.

For thinking I had to.

Because I'm so zetta bored.

I hate flashing lights!

Because he said the rock was not a rock.

Has no idea what your talking about, but I hit lightly.

For wussing out and not hitting like a man!

For wanting me to hit a one-eye girl with all my elite power.

For hitting like a girl

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