If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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damn I'm good!

anyway, not going to tell me how to get the badge huh?


It's a well kept secret that is so secret it is locked within the back of my mind never to be opened O.O

is the password "please?"

It's "Dmitry" then TC knew that! :3

Because you didn't fix my inconsiderate sister.

Because he's talking about his sister a lot.

because we're all talking about his sister now XD

For hitting me with a Christmas tree.

For giving the thread a festive theme!

because this thread is now hanukkah! *hits with a menora*

Because he is different and stuff!

for sexism!

For no holiday!

For stuff!

For no raisin!

For being big brain.

because he am winning again!

For taking mah winingn.

for making a sandwich out of it!

For not winning!

because I was losing so much, it was winning!

For logic!

For not having a cool PC! D:

because my pc smokes cigars with me, so it's cool enough...

For not being a good fuck.

Because shut up

Because his face keeps changing.

Did someone say "Fuck"?

OT: Because I notice that avatar...

@darkeric: I was trying, damn it!

OT: because that's the worst reason yet!

Because he has yet to see the greatness of why reason!

because it has something to do with pop-tarts...

Because the strawberry ones are good!

because the strawberry ones arent good, they're divine!

man I miss pop-tarts...

Because I noticed they haven't sold strawberry in a while! >.>

Because your in the way of my hurricane punch.

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