If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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Because Why not zoidber?

Because he smells!

because we still have zoidberg... WE ALL HAVE ZOIDBERG!

Because my roommate also liked Zoidberg, and I want to never, ever reminded of my roommate.

To add some irony, I'm going to invite you to dinner, order lobster, then beat you up with the lobster.

because he talked sh*t bout Zoidberg

Because Zoidberg stole the Professor's box!

Because you can't own boxes, man.

because get a job, hippie!

For not having 5 jobs! O3O

For all the times making kissy face!

For not joining in!


Because I already have! o3o

because I should have been told!

Because you should have asked! D:

because I felt it wasnt an appropriate time...

Because you love it! :D

because I only like it as a friend!

Because you never commit!

Futurama is too awesome!

My 5 fingers have something to say to your face.

Because fingers can't talk!

Because they're fluent in slap.

For being fluent in pain.

For referencing Yamcha.

Because I have the uncontrolable urge.

because with me it's a controllable rage!

Because you have spam! :D

because you are my spam :P

Because the cake bake off was the best part.


Control alt del you bastard! D:<

for name calling! you bitches know that's offensive...

For quiet you! O3O

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