If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For not having a clear avatar.

For not seeing that it's an alien-joker-frieza-angel. My avatar that is.

Hit it for being purple.

hit for being on top 3 times in a row.

For dolphins.

For not being nice to nature

For science, clearly...

*notes reaction* I see...

For anti-science.

For chemistry!

For having an avatar that's too fast for me to read. x_x

For having such a nice hat.

For blocking out most of their avatar

(5 captchas in a row. WHAT THE MOTHERFUCK!?!?! *cries*)

For wearing my scarf
that is my scarf!!!

Noooo! It is mine!

*takes scarf back*

For fighting over a scarf that is OBVIOUSLY mine.

For not liking neckerchiefs instead...<.<

For being a troublemaker!

For being the only one I make trouble for...

For only causing me trouble!

For being the trouble...

For adding to the trouble...


Because he typed in all caps for a little bit.

Because I want that hat. I want all hats.

Because he wants to steal my hat!

Because she wants to eat my hat.

Because he won't let me eat his hat!

Because he won't let me burn his hat!

Because I can't get my sexy on

For killing me.

For being killed by me

Because I'm insane.

For ruining garbage day.

For.. celebrating? garbage day? Oh.. because of Philol's avatar? Well then I'm hitting you because you're assuming that the red demon type guy is ruining garbage day.

Well I'm hitting you because you haven't been here for a while :P.

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