If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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Because you're all the time eating glue!

Because I ordered a pizza from planet express and it was cold.

Because getting shot by children with green hair is not my though of a good day.

For blowing cigar smoke in my face.

For shooting too much.

For being a lucky feeling punk criticising my punk shooting habits.

For never having to reload or stop running

For being new to these forums.

Welcome, by the way. :3

For hitting someone for being new :P.

For blocking off his avatar!

For blocking other things...

For taking Accela.

for drinking nutella

For having a joined date earlier than mine!

because you'd have to slap 99% of the people here if that's your reason >.>

yeeah! get over here, steeple, time for a slappin.

No one hits steeple but steeple!

I slap you for defending him!

I smack you because i've not seen you before! O_O

Also, welcome to the site! :)

For disappearing all of a sudden...

For thinking I disappeared.

Because they stopped talking to me for a long time all of a sudden...

For not saying hi to me either!

Because I figured you'd message me if you wanted to talk to me... otherwise it meant you didn't...

Because he has no initiative.

Because I thought that was obvious when we first met...

Because he stalks xmbts.

Because he always uses a .gif avatar

Because she has something against .gif avatars.

For being so defensive.... take this for trying to block my attack!

For leaving me no choice but to counter-attack!

For leaving me no choice but to counter your counter-attack!
Yes, one more hit till a combo!

For giving me no choice but to perform a combo breaker!

you killed my piggy! *SLAP!*

For getting all worked up over my heartless killing -_-

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