If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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BECAUSE LAGOMORPHS DON'T EXIST AGGGHHH *Opens rip in the space time continuum*

because at first I thought you were someone else, but then I took an arrow to the knee a second look at the avatar and user name...

For not getting orange!

For tilting your hat at me.

For talking too much! :D

For impersonating Pyramid Head Grape...<.<

For being purple. It makes you fabulous. More than me. I want to be fabulous...

because his username rhymes with mine making me feel less significant and angsty about my self-worth.

For incurring the wrath of the BEES.

For daring to speak on behalf of the bees!!

For reminding me of the buzzing in my head.

For reminding me of vuvuzelas.

Because the only thing worse than vuvuzelas is dubstep...<.<

because it makes me think of having sex with a 13 year old animu.

Out of damn respect!

To prove a point!

Out of curiosity about his point.

Because the point was to quell your curiosity...<.<

Because he's smacking me! D:

For not using the belt or the slipper...

For leaving a welt on the stripper.

Because I paid extra for it...<.<

For testing my pimp hand.

Because I need to keep my pimp hand strong...<.<


Because I don't work for you!

Because I need my money...

Because I'll pay you later!

Because I don't do layaway...<.<

Because he should!

because that's how I roll into town

Because I'm gangsta.

For being a hardcore gangsta G...<.<

For niggas not knowing this shit is kawaii.

Because no one will play TF2 with me

Because you didn't invite me!

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