If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For being unfamiliar to me for some reason >.>

For thinking his unfamiliarity is important. Who are you stranger!

For not knowing about stranger danger. *Loads into white panel van and drives it off a cliff*

For not inviting me into the white van

Because the white van is death.

Because they're not fooled by the white van.

Because he knows that I know too much.

Because knowledge isn't half the battle, not when you've got a shank headed towards your head.

Because the bastard is trying to kill me with his crimson action words!

Because he didn't get in the van... *Calls in airstrike and lases neontime*

Fine then Overpce *Calls in tactical nuke*

Oh really? *Calls in asteroid that knocks the planet out of solar orbit and into the sun*

But you'll yourself too fool. *Jump kicks into endless portals*

But you've increased by momentum by using portals thereby increasing my damage *Exit Portal Jumpkick*

*Grabs leg at last second* Puny Ovrpuce.

Because it's a leap year

For a creepy-ass face

Because... because....why have you abandoned us for so long Scde, WHY!

Because I missed Scde too!

Oh yeah, well I missed him more.
Take that!
*Punch* haha.......
Now I miss Redlin.

I'd aim for the back. He looks like he's choking on something.

Because he blends in with the background, very sneakily... >.>

Because I've replied after him 3 times now!

Because I don't recognise their avatar, nor their name. Hey new friend!!!! *sucker punches, as the thread demands* Can we still be friends?? >.>

Of course! who can say no the sincerity of a sucker punch!

I would hit you with a lawn chair to celebrate our friendship!

I don't recognize the avatar either.
Yay for ignorance.

I'd punch him for being ignorant, and for hitting my new friend.... >.>



you tried to ponyfy my thread! *punch*

For being a delicious poptart. *MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH*

For red text. Everyone know TNA doesn't like red text :D

For not liking crimson text. Only the weak and the foolish dislike crimson


For choosing yellow over this amazing colour

for not realizing what the best color is

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