If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For whatever that was.

For the fourth city of sims

Because the sims are people too...<.<

For hating giant robots.

Because I LOVE giant robots... how dare you...<.<

For loving them a bit too much.

For anxiously awaiting the invention of the sex robot...

For fighting a scooter.

because it was less fighting and more getting mauled...<.<

For not beating it.

Because it had the jump on me... there's nothing else o could do...<.<

For telling too many knock knock jokes.

For not liking any of my jokes...<.<

For having mediocre jokes.

For not having any to laugh at.
Not changing it :/

For not changing her answer.

For not being a ninja.

For not giving me more cake.

For wanting so much cake all the time.

For being overly witty.

Because I don't like be licked.

*kicks in face*

For being so abusive, i'll teach you some manners.

For your hypocrisy.

*Beats with whooping stick.*

Why do you have a dedicated whooping stick?

*throws grenade at you*

For actually being the frog of truth...<.<

For never being in focus.

Because it's hard to focus...

For giving excuses.

For not having posted on my new MEME/Picture thread in the Games Forum!

*pours ink on your tongue*

For letting his platypuses play with his shoggoths.

For talking in jibberish you fliggity-flopper.
Oops sorry, need to mind my language.

For using such language!

For not using enough language.

I gcás gan í a labhairt teanga eile!

What are those funny letters! The only language I know how to read is AMERICAN!
*Round House Kick* F*ck Yeah!

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