If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For not making it snow here!

For not helping me kill the gods of Olympus

For making Hades look like a punk bitch. Not cool.

For liking the Jets.

For not thinking the Cleveland Browns are the best.

Sorry I'm basing my Nfl knowledge from the Drew Carey Show.

For not killing the gods

I mean, who DOES that?

For fighting Zeus.

For being friends with Zeus. Poseidon and Hades were better :O

Because I haven't punched someone in a while.

Because I hate children and his avatar is one.

Because I really, really hate Christmas.

For being the Grinch without Cindy Lou Who.

For hitting people with a baseball bat.

For using baseball and a bat instead...<.<

For stealing 7,000 Wii Us

For buying all of them off of me...<.<

For having sunglasses in his badge order.

For having the landmark badge!

because I'm awake at 3 in the morning and need to stay awake!

For being awake at an unreasonable hour.

For policing the sleeping habits of others.

For questioning his authority on sleeping habits!

For questioning her questioning! How dare you!

For showing up at my birthday party with that mask on

For not inviting me to his birthday party...<.<

For speeding.

For doing speed...

For reintroducing the plague.

For being in a place where it is still Wednesday.
For being in a place where it is Thursday.

For being in a place where aboot is the proper vocalization of about...<.<

For thinking anyone here actually talks like that :/

Because I know that you do... I've seen Trailer Park Boys... :p

For living up to whatever stereotype that your state has.

For being of legal drinking age.

Because I'm no slacker druggy, or white bread surfer...<.<

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