If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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Bad Shock, no posting for you either.

For not hitting people hard enough.

For hitting with the fury of twenty coffee deprived hipsters.

For correcting his most ungentleman-like behavior.

Hit a mod...when you know what they say!

Falcon Pawnch!

Mainly it's to say I hit a mod. XD

For hitting someone expressing himself through dance.

For hitting someone with you car.

For stress release...

For standing too close.

For being stressed in the first place.
For being so red.

Foe being cool like cucumber...

For whatever that was.

For the fourth city of sims

Because the sims are people too...<.<

For hating giant robots.

Because I LOVE giant robots... how dare you...<.<

For loving them a bit too much.

For anxiously awaiting the invention of the sex robot...

For fighting a scooter.

because it was less fighting and more getting mauled...<.<

For not beating it.

Because it had the jump on me... there's nothing else o could do...<.<

For telling too many knock knock jokes.

For not liking any of my jokes...<.<

For having mediocre jokes.

For not having any to laugh at.
Not changing it :/

For not changing her answer.

For not being a ninja.

For not giving me more cake.

For wanting so much cake all the time.

For being overly witty.

Because I don't like be licked.

*kicks in face*

For being so abusive, i'll teach you some manners.

For your hypocrisy.

*Beats with whooping stick.*

Why do you have a dedicated whooping stick?

*throws grenade at you*

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