If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For actually being the frog of truth...<.<

For never being in focus.

Because it's hard to focus...

For giving excuses.

For not having posted on my new MEME/Picture thread in the Games Forum!

*pours ink on your tongue*

For letting his platypuses play with his shoggoths.

For talking in jibberish you fliggity-flopper.
Oops sorry, need to mind my language.

For using such language!

For not using enough language.

I gcás gan í a labhairt teanga eile!

What are those funny letters! The only language I know how to read is AMERICAN!
*Round House Kick* F*ck Yeah!

For pulling the "America or GTFO" card.

For licking everything.

For not licking me... I don't mind tongue... :p

For hating Christmas.

For ruining my Christmas for me...<.<

For doing that yourself.

Because the lack of girls in school uniforms is what's doing it...<.<

Because he also hates Christmas, that's my job >:(

Because people got me stuff for the first time in years!

You have this as well.

*hits over the back of the head with cricket bat*

For not conforming to the formula!

For falling in love with my avatar.


*throws bottle at the gob shite*

For not posting on my new picture/response Game Forum thread.

*brandishes Orb of Dragon Control*

You know waking up to seeing a silhouette of Happy with white eyes generally scares the crap outta me.
Turn on the damn eyes.

For not using Neronium on your youtube channel!

Because of that creepy rape face.

because its been a while... and captcha asked "Question mark?" and I have no idea how to answer this!!!

Because he is a paradox. And I always wanted to hit a paradox.

For messing with forces he doesn't understand!

For not messing with Lovecraftian unknowns

For playing Halo 4 and not talking with us!

I kid, I kid...

Because I want to eat that taco.


*Beats with newspaper*

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