If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For pushing tacos on people now.

For getting angry!

For not doing so as well!

The vidya garmes made me do it.

For blaming your own personal flaws on external media and not accepting that you have issues to deal with.

You're not a member of the SI!
You have the look, but it just needs more red.

What? Who is this SI organisation of which you speak?

For asking questions!
Old user group from the past. Dead now so don't worry.

For being all uppity about me not being around long and knowing much about the escapist history.

For not enjoying a Doritos Taco while talking about history

For becoming part of the spam bot hive mind...<.<

For resisting.

For accepting your fate

For questioning their not questioning!

For being offended by opinions!

For never being offended.

For having a bad offense...<.<

For having a terrible defense.

For being a lawyer?

For saying the dirty 'L' word!

For saying the dirty Q word...<.<

For saying a dirty word starts with a Q

For being a Taco addict...<.<

For fighting Taco.

For fighting burrito...

Because I keep saying embarrassing things and am frustrated by it.

Because I know that feel.

Because Halloween was over a while ago. Silly witch.

For liking Mudkipz

That's so early internet

How dare you insult the Mudkipz! *slaps*

For setting my house on fire.

for not singing this while your house was on fire

For getting in the way of me beating up shock...<.<

For not just punching through him!

Because I obviously did...<.<

Because I don't feel like watching that.

For never watching any of my videos...<.<

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