If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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*shovel to the face*
Ha take that...oh whoops. Thought you were Kaleion.


For being a witch.

For being Japanese....What, I'm not lacist...

Please forgive me for that...

For not giving the witch a fair trial.

EDIT: for being a damn ninja

Because... I need to post more >.>...

Because he is unoriginal and I WAS GONNA SAY THAT!

For having a self-referencing forum title!

Cause I didn't mean to until ShockValue mentioned it.

For having a small subtitle that I can't read appear in their avatar!

For not having any eye-squinting titles!

For having a small GIF

Because I can't make out what their avatar is.

For being heartless

Off topic:

Because I can't make out what their avatar is.

Its a soldier from Band of Brothers cooking something in his helmet.

For forgetting to salt the helmet soup.

For still appreciating old console. Get with the program grandpa!

For hating on old consoles.

For being ambivalent to consoles.

For being so socially awkward, it gives me physical pain

For not being Psychic at all.

For being here longer than me.

Then you what? I can't wait with the suspense! ARRGH * uppercuts*

EDIT: Hey! Don't edit your mistake and me look like the one with the grammar issue XD

For having the podcast at times in which I can't get on!
*places T0ad on table and flips it*
(ノ 益)ノ彡 ┻━┻

For flipping people and tables.

Because apparently we're now friends, how strange.

Because he recoils in shock at the sight of me!

For the horde?

For the ALLIANCE!!!!!!

Because this week is going too slow and it's your fault for some reason.

Because they drank all of my coffee!

For dividing and conquering.

For smashing windows.

For drinking three beers and then driving back home!

For not actually existing.

For taking that cliche anime pose.
*Puts on hipster glasses*

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