If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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Because you are still hard to make out!

For being to happy.

For stealing all the Tooheys

For having their Escapist birthday tomorrow.

For not sweeping, start sweeping witch!

Because I don't want to sweep!

For it being my gorram Escapist birthday, gorramit!

For not being his escapist birthday in my timezone!

For mentioning time zones!

Because my eyes are burning and I was swinging my arms wildly and accidentally hit you.
I think I need to do something about this eye thing.

For having eye burning syndrome.

Because there's no one else around to hit, what's up with that?!
I would appreciate it if you punched my Doctor, he's the one who told me to increase the dose, which is what's causing the eye thing.

Because we joined on the same year.

For being a member of Hufflepuff.

For not being a Hufflepuff, it's the best house!
Eat that Griffindor and Slithering, we may lose at everything but we have the most fun : P

For not knowing about ginger ale

For trying to promote the spread of Ginger beer, as a ginger I reject your desire to drink my people.


They're not the same thing! Ginger ale is less gingery! And can't be alcoholic!

For not getting me some of that Ginger Ale thinguie, whatever that is.

I'll mail you some if you want *smacks*

though it might be a bit disappointing. Its good, but not great

Because I feel cold.

Because I can.

Because they can!

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. I'll give you a good smack to teach you that.

For hitting on his cousin

Dude, you're a priest... BAD TOUCH

Because ShockValue still isn't back yet...<.<

Because I hadn't seen you around and stuff.

For reasons! Reasons which are mine alone to know... Bruce.

Well then you have, uh... A nice marmot!
Yes that's why I'm hitting you, shut up!

Because he gone gonzo and never came back

For making me stare at his CaramellDansen for 3 minutes.

For having so much "Pride" about your PubClub membership and being "Prejudice" against those who don't have one.

For not realising "Prejudice" is an irrational, fear-based response NOT informed by research, hard data and sound information.

Because I want to test out my schlong-bat >.>

For trying to surpass the Spanish Inquisition!
*wearing old SI uniform*

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