If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For questioning their not questioning!

For being offended by opinions!

For never being offended.

For having a bad offense...<.<

For having a terrible defense.

For being a lawyer?

For saying the dirty 'L' word!

For saying the dirty Q word...<.<

For saying a dirty word starts with a Q

For being a Taco addict...<.<

For fighting Taco.

For fighting burrito...

Because I keep saying embarrassing things and am frustrated by it.

Because I know that feel.

Because Halloween was over a while ago. Silly witch.

For liking Mudkipz

That's so early internet

How dare you insult the Mudkipz! *slaps*

For setting my house on fire.

for not singing this while your house was on fire

For getting in the way of me beating up shock...<.<

For not just punching through him!

Because I obviously did...<.<

Because I don't feel like watching that.

For never watching any of my videos...<.<

For expecting me to in the first place.

Because I try not to expect her to do anything...

Because I remembered that Majora's Mask wasn't nominated for best game of the decade by this site back in 2010, and I'm still mad about that, the staff clearly didn't know what they were doing.

You have the Oracle games!
I want them! >.<

Because I just looked up the prize of those things!!!
And now I'm depressed that mine aren't new T^T

For making me have nightmares about my suits coming alive >.>

For sleeping with my alternate universe version's daughter.

I saw pieces of taco shell on her mouth. >:(

For going into detail about your alternate universes daughter sleeping with Taco...

For giving me "the look"

For confusing "The Look" with "The Other Look"...<.<

For giving me "That Look" through a constantly flickering screen.

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