If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For hitting shock, I wanted to do that...<.<

For not hitting him harder.

Don't give him ideas!

For being so mean D:

For not trying to calm me down! >.<

*hits harder...*
Because shock says so...<.<

Because he is a slave!
A man chooses.....

A slave obeys!
*hits with 9-iron*

For quoting things.

Because I should be asleep and I want to stay awake, that's now you're fault.

For making that face!

For being lame and stuff.

For being troublesome and stuff.

For insulting my mother!

For not actually having a mother...<.<

For being insensitive toward orphans

You disgust me.

For trying to regulate my enjoyment levels.

For attempting to assault an officer

For assaulting everyone.

Because I don't mind when she assaults me... :p

Because he seems to be into it... O___O

For encouraging violence.


Oh wait...

For continuing the violence and bloodshed.

For hitting me with the broomstick

So I can steal his head and eat it.

For making a funny comment

*bludgeons with nightstick*

For stopping all the fun and damage to public property.

To claim ownership...<.<

I think it's some subliminal in that avatar telling me to hit over and over...

For being so red!

For unnatural hair color! Weirdo!

For maybe still remembering me from when I used to hit them in the face for other reasons before!!

So I can see what he looks like with two eye patches instead of just one.

Because I've always wanted to hit a man wearing glasses...

Because he has an eye-patch


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