If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For throwing your shield all over the place.

So I can tie her up in my basement for the purpose of the "tied up in a basement" forum game also currently going on.

Because he's abducting people >: ( BAD SPOON!

Because he's blushing, don't need anymore tsunderes in these parts.

To prove that I can punch out a tiger and a lion simultaneously.

For being greedy and hitting two things at once.

For only hitting things one at a time!

For supporting Epicspoon's idea!

For having an avatar that now moves.

For having a bigger hat than me!!

For hiding in boxes.

Because she didn't learn the first time I hit her.

For hitting me twice.

For letting him hit them.

For being an exploitative anime girl. Sheesh, I can see up your skirt.....Not that I was looking or anything.

Because bloomers shouldn't be arousing.

For dictating what I should find arousing!

For bein aroused...

For getting into a depression!

For hating islands.

Because I already hit her twice so why not a third time?

I'm going to close my eyes, hold my fists out and spin in your direction.

For going gonzo.

For having an addiction...

For having several!

Because caffeine.

Because of the lack of caffeine.

Because Jesus is her drug of choice...<.<

For overuse of ellipses.

Because I thought she liked my ellipses... so betrayed...;~;

For being so easily betrayed.

For posting so much in so little time!

For betraying me so easily...<.<

For accusing me of betraying you!

Because you did... everyone does...<.<

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