If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For being a train.

For being a Cruise Ship...<.<

For using shifty eyes a lot!

Because I thought you said my eyes were pretty... ;~;

For selling your eyes.

For stealing them in my sleep...

For blaming me.

For trying to avoid my blame...<.<

For being there.

Because I'm always here for you... :3

For being a zombie.

Because at least I'm marketable...<.<

For not being humble!

For humbling too much!

For mumbling too much...

For not mumbling enough! Learn from Ash Williams damnit!

For not allowing us to see the entire flag! How cruel.

Because the rest of the flag is just black.

For having a good point.
I should of made it!

For being a baby seal puncher...jerk...

For carrying that umbrella everywhere.

For not liking umbrellas, they're classy...<.<

For not using umbrellas properly. Tsk, tsk.

Because I will have accomplished something small in my life I have always wanted to do.

For being a child abuser

Cause I still don't understand their avatar.

For not knowing who the Pint Sized Slasher is!

For being the Pint sized slasher.

Ohhhhhhhhh! For making me look it up for learnings!
Now it's spoiled for my second play-through!

For confusing me by continuing a discussion I don't understand. D8

Because avatar and name don't match!

For assuming my name and avatar should match!

For having a face that says "hit me :3"

For dancing non stop!

For having to be coerced into dancing!

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