If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For feeling regret... :p

For thinking he could fly.

Because I might've gone too close to the sun...<.<

For having a lousy transmission.

For being unoriginal...<.<

Because hitting people for being unoriginal isn't original either.

For looking so surprised.

Cause correcting someone is the least original thing on the internet.
Noooo! I've been ninja'd, the 2nd most unoriginal thing on the internet.

Because he fixed his title.

For not having a custom title...

For not being nice to Hail. How dare you.

For not even knowing what a lagomorph is...<.<

For expecting me to. I'm busy!

Because you're never busy! That's why you talk to me...<.<

For complaining about team names.

Because the Maple Leafs are kind of a terrible name...<.<

Because I think he's talking about Hockey.

Because I am...<.<

Because hockey is something or the other.
I don't know where I was going with that.

For being a hockey MVP...

Because I've never even seen an Ice-track or whatever it is that they are called.

Cause we're no-snow buddies!
*friendly hit*

For having lettering on your avatar that is too small to read.

*shoots spit wad*

For never talking in chat!

because you're smiling at me funny.

Because you're hitting people who smile. Die fun police!

For dancing and punching people at the same time.

For hiding half their face!

For not having a face!

For stealing his face...

For having a shitty face connection!

For wearing a face face over your real face!

Because your face is too small!

Because your pupils and irises are one and the same!

Because you're staring at me, STOP THAT!

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