If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For being so inconsiderate... ;~;

For being so uncompromising.

For just being the worst.

For having an avatar I always end up staring at.

Because you joined before I did

Because you joined after me! Breathing a little too much oxygen if you ask me.

For being a join date elitist

Because I can get away with it.

Because I can't get away with it.
you left me behind *sobs*

For not hitting him with your umbrella!

For encouraging Scde-abuse!

For complaining about it!

For not giving me the idea sooner!

For planning on assaulting me with a deadly weapon!

Because I'm at that thing he refused to drive me to...<.<

Because I just said in another thread that I am ready to pick him up

Because it's still Saturday there.

Because you used logic!

Because he's trying to destroy logic!

Because being rash can be fun sometimes!

Because he needs to stop following his emotions!

Because he doesn't have a body.

Because he wouldn't a catboy.

(I assume you meant to have 'hit' in there)

Because you underestimate me!

Because you have no face!

@NoOne852 Nope it was intentional.

OT: Because you look high!

*pimp slap*
You didn't do my homework! >.<

Because he never told me of his job as lady of the night manager.

Because that text that keeps popping up in his avy is distracting!

because I need to stop leaving for such long periods of time!!

For being a paradox.

For being a morphinglago?

for the crazy amount of dancing stamina!

Because I kinda remember him posting here!

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