If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For not posting here for so long!
Not like I missed you...Yu-yu-you late poster!

for getting ninja'd lol!

at least that what it looks like to me think <.<

For accusing me of being late! I post precisely when I mean to.


because I'm too confused to react appropriately.

For acting in a reactionary manner!

Because I failed my math test and want to punch and kick and disembowel someone.

*does all three to Scde2*

Because all that sounded painful.

Because we're all taking everything out on you apparently.

I fell bad for you, but you called me creepy in another thread.
*smack* well a little smack at least...

Ninjas, ninjas everywhere!

Because I want a tiger

because you can't have one!

Because I wanted to sell him one!

Because I don't have money for the tiger!

For not being an eccentric rich person who can afford to buy a freaking tiger!

So I can take him as a substitute for a tiger

Because I'm being kidnapped <:O

because you need to stand up for yourself!

For being the heir to the throne.

For being a pretender to the throne

For trying to overthrow me

For not hanging out with me that one day

Because tacos, tacos everywhere

Because he hasn't made me a cup of tea. :c

Because she hits people when she wants something!

Because you should've given it to her to begin with!

For having no head.

For having too many characters in your avy. Two is that max limit now...
That means you too Taco!

For having an avy that's a constant advert!

For not advertising anything.

For wanting me to advertise myself.

for not wanting to advertise your self! also for kidnapping me before....

For whining about that!

For judging me when I hit him because he didn't make me tea!

Because I like to judge! *judges*

Because this judging is getting out of hand.

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