If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For stealing them...

Because I would never do such a thing...

Because he so totally did!

Because I didn't mean to D:

Because that's what I said when I got caught, and it was never, ever true!

For lying. Tell the truth!

For not letting me ride you for these past few months.
I'm having Dragon Rider withdrawals!

Because a proper dragon would be insulted to be ridden on.

Because a proper dragon wouldn't care

For talking back to a dragon!

Because you would so do the same!

For assuming you know what a proper dragon would(n't) care about.

For assuming that I was assuming about whatever you just said.

For confusing me!

For being so easily confused.

For judging! Shame on you!

For not judging!

For being here for a long time.

Because I would make a cake reference, but she wouldn't watch the video anyway...<.<

Because this is what you're getting.

For having a bow in the hair!

For having taco hair!

For being too cute.

For trying to eat his taco hair.
Because I didn't notice the new page.

Because that can happen.

Because you were being blunt :P

For wanting a blunt...

For making me ill.

Because whatever you have you didn't get it from me...<.<

Because I so did!

For getting each other sick.

For infecting both me and Mansac

For making us all addicted to Forum Games. There goes my free time when I wanted to do something useful...

For thinking Scde2 was got me addicted to this forum!
I've been here longer than him. XD

Because I've been here longer than all of you... except shock...<.<

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