If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For having issues with witches.

For not taking care of the problem.

For never taking off the hat.

Because I don't think she went to sleep when she told me she was going to sleep.

Because she almost certainly didn't...<.<

For thinking that :P

For thinking lots of things...

For not thinking anything.

For looking angry 230% of the time.

For looking angry 562% of the time.

For not looking more angry than him.

For being the angriest of them all...

For saying I'm angry. You're angry!

Because I don;t get angry, only depressed...<.<

Because he's being so emo!

For hitting someone who is emotionally distressed!

Because I have no idea what a Honky is!

Because it's the same thing as a gringo...<.<

For not changing his title.

For not suggesting an alternate title for me to change it to...

For not staring at me in a happy way. >.>

For cutting me in line


because I feel like hitting someone while yelling that persons name at the top of my lungs!


For being too noisy

Because you have a problem with loud people!

Because you have no ears and wouldn't understand!

Because I do have ears, you just can't see them!

Because those don't belong to you.

Because he decided to stake claim to them...<.<

Because he changed his title!

For telling me to do it...<.<

Because his title makes me want to remind pepople that I'm Mexican even more than I already do!

Because he should do that... also it's a reference to a Minutemen Song...<.<

Because you flicker in and out of existence.

Because you are stating the obvious

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