If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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Because I'm not even here right now.

For ghost posting.

Cause your avatar reminds me of that song by Smith's talentless daughter.

Because you just ruined my avatar.

Cause your avatar ruined me first! But your pain makes me happy so we're even.

Because you're a sadist.

Because of all the reasons.

Because you won't stop moving!

For looking so concerned.

For refusing to swear in your avatar.
You freaker!
Uncalled for but still.

For ...DARING to utter words that were uncalled for.

For being too real.

For being too blurry.

To bring about the coming of the great old ones!

For not slaying that clown thing before it gave me nightmares!

For having nightmares.

For causing me to mess up my neck with your spinning!

For always sheathing his sword!

Cause he likes to live dangerously.

Because they stole my doughnuts.

Because their avatar made me jump.

Because theirs didn't!

Because they aren't being nice by looking down on me like that.

Because they insulted Bruce Campbell.

Because they remade Evil Dead!

Because they accused me of one of the worst sins a person could commit, remaking The Evil Dead.

For dodging the question and not addressing the allegations!

For bringing that mask everywhere.

For drinking all the soda!

Because he drank all the blood, probably, well I think that's what clowns do.

For not being Link again...<.<

For always being Lain.

For shaking around, like you just don't care.

For thinking I do care.

For not caring, you should care about... uhm.. something.

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