If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For needing so many ways to kill when one would suffice... >.>

For thinking overkill is overrated.

Because I'm INSANE!

For not being outsane....conformist.... >.>

For not smiling.

For failing to figure out that my avatar is a loop of images. :P

I knew... I'd hit him as he changes too much. @,@

For knowing stuff.

For changing his avatar.

For thinking that I complain too much... ;~;

For complaining that he complains too much

For not returning my calls.

For calling during dinner time.

Because it's always dinner time for you.

For... having an unpronounceable name.

For not being able to pronounce the name.

For being uninteresting when there is excitement there.

For ruining the fun.

For having fun.


For being the fun police!

For being around.

For refusing to get stabby!

For not posting for a while.

For keeping track of people's posting habits

Because I think he should make his tracking more detailed and in depth rather than simple observations and you are discouraging him!

Are you using logic?

*upsides to the back of the head*

For trying to use illogic to prove his point.

For using a term like "illogic"

For hating terms.

For hating people who hate terms.

For being a term.

Because I apparently don't hit people frequently enough.

For being quite static at times.

For being in a comic.

For coming from a television show that was actually not that good now that I think about it.

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