If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For marking their territory with cat urine.

For not marking their territory with cat urine. I mean, doesn't everyone?

For trying to encourage everyone to mark things with cat urine.

Cause it's not that hard to answer a question about ears! Not related to this thread but still.

For not talking about something related to this thread. The nerve!

For calling them out on offtopic chatter in forum games ;).

For calling him out on calling him out.

For tempting me into making another comment about calling people out.

For shuddup! Your dwelling into a circle of response.

For making me want to watch the Kenya thing. D:

For liking Brokencyde unironically...<.<

Because I don't know what a brokencyde is.

Because he keeps stealing my pixels.

Because he's a ninja.

Because you didn't mention Redlin is a bad ninja since you noticed him!

For making me stay up later to go rewatch Weebl videos.

because I've been gone far too long! and you're new to me!

and what's this... captcha wants a hat trick so I'll give you a third reason!

I want to get that hat trick!

For being gone!

For having an avatar that creeps me right out.

What can I say, Samus has learned the power of psychological warfare ;)

OT: For not being strong enough to resist psychological warfare!

Because AHHHH!

It'd have to be a pretty extreme situation for me to do that so...she stole my lolisuka >.>?

For avatar swapping when my back was turned.

For telling me to deal with it, meanie :'/

For not being the rightful queen. Usurper!

For not being that expressive.

For hitting Neuromancer for not being expressive, when he himself is a silentman.

Because reasons!

For better reasons.

For the best reasons!

For unthinkable reasons.

Because I want to bring down your shields. Or whatever angels have to defend themselves.

For punching baby seals. You monster!! D:

Teach you to disrespect me! *pimp slap*

For pretending to be a pimp. You don't even have a real pimp cane.

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