If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For changing his own avatar. In the past. It counts.


He knows what he did.

He knows what he did.

And you know why I persist.

I'll teach you to forget my birthday!
*5 across the face*



For living on a diet of hamsters.

You bore me, mageling.

Stupid glasses.

For the little bullshit jingle crap that he has on his hat! IT DOES NOT MATCH WITH THE COLOURS!

Because this is justice and I clearly asked for a glass of "just ice". A glass with only ice in it. Is that so difficult?


Because he does not appreciate the fact that I'm able to serve some cold hard justice on the would be criminals that terrorize the nation of the foolhardy ones.

Because there's a war on!

Because he kept insisting that the food in our establishment was made out of rotten tomatoes.

Because he refuses to wear pants.

Because he is assaulting that dog!

Because there's a fly in my soup and he told me some poppycock about a spider taking care of it.

Because he is wearing a hat indoors and that shit is not on.

Because he is a statue that looks creepy and goddamn does my hand hurt now!

Because he scratches himself in front of customers.

Because he broke my expansive plates!

Because his plates aren't big enough to warrant that hilarious typo!

Because he made me laugh when I figured out that I made a type!

He typo'd typo.


Because he got...whatever the fuck that shit is all over the floor!

Because space ninjas and Naruto.

Because! I! Dont! Know! Why! All! These! Exlamation! Marks!

Because? I do?

Because he needs a flatter face.

Because he needs a face.

Because he did like my trick with images!

Because he lives in a place with more snow.

Because he is a permament companion and can't die.

Because he is a permament companion and can't die.

Your logic is sound.

OT: Because we usually have a 3-strike rule about that sort of thing.

Because he's obviously a hallucination, dogs don't talk, silly.

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