If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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Because I'm stalking you

For being another stalker

because i want to that's right, I don't need a reason! when I want something (or someone) I get it, I will also punch you if you turn this into a "thats what she said joke". >:-(

ps stop punching me already, do you know how much that hurts!

Because he has been denied in my quality standards.

For finding a new way forward.

For having found the way forward more quicker than I thought.

for thinking you found the right way forward.

Because he has no icon.

Just kidding.

Wait, WTF?


For joking sarcastically bad

For being so smart as to complete 25 quizzes

For not being able to complete 25 quizzes

For insulting other peoples quiz skills.

For not insulting other people skills.

Because i have a 'punchable' face.

For wanting a punch in the face.

Wait, did you gave me a reason to punch me or what? It wasn't clear!

For obvious reasons.

Because I feel like being a jerk.

Because I'm drunk, and well, what better reason do i need.

Because you went to the effort of putting commas in the right places, only to stuff it all up by putting 'i' instead of 'I'.

For being a grammar Nazi catgirl!

For hitting a grammar Nazi catgirl!

I want that hat so I will punch your head off and take it.

Your funeral, and I will hit you for daring punch Yuki.

Because your avatar is animated and mine isn't.

For having an avy with green hair.

For having a Kingdom Hearts avatar.

For not having a Kingdom Hearts avatar.

For also not having a Kingdom Hearts avatar.

For having a weird username.


For breaking my heart.

To make our time go by.

I-I-I just can't do it, It's Yuki Nagato, I'd never hit Yuki never ever (T.T)

Because of the grin, though the Kamina glasses make it slightly better.

To freaking memetic mush punch
Ps. what this grin

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