If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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The image will not show itself.

For being left out.

For leaving us out.

For crying about it.

Cause i want to.

For no particular reason at all.

Because we can.

For having a hat in a windy day and not holding it with her hand.

For being blue.

It would be easier to name all the reasons why I shouldn't hit him than why I should.

For being a stick figure.

For not appreciating science.

For having a weird name with a 3 replace the E.

For staring at me. For hours.

For being...so...hypnotic....

For beiin a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a taco.

For tacos y burritos.

For teh lulz.

For going through my trash cans.

For setting my hair on fire.

For creating a time paradox.

For having approx. 15406 more posts than me.

For having so few posts.

for having to many

For having a flying monkey as a pet.

Because I'm new here and I have to make my mark somehow.

To show you how hard the world can be.

To show you what a punch to the face feels like.

For showing what a punch looks like from a close up...

For showing him why he should stay inside.

For being so violent.

For fightng back!


For wanting to fight to the death.

For showing up whenever he feels like it.

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