If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For using nothing but Kingdom Hearts avatars lately.

For flying underground.

For auto describing himself.

Hail Fire 998:
For not knowing what is going on.

for being very very true

For being unruly.

For having a teddy bear in his avy.

Because the cat is serving me.

Because he's everywhere I am.

Because he thinks that he's worthy enough to stalk.

Because he hasn't noticed the 400 odd people stalking him.

For being 1 of the 400 people stalking me.

For not realizing I'm only stalking one of the people stalking him.

For having such a damn mesmerising avatar. I regularly lose several minutes gazing at that thing!

For having a dull avy >.<

For criticising my avatar. Douche.

For ninjaing me to be a dickhead.

Poster gonna edit I bet.

For letting himself being ninja'd.

For setting it off.

For causing me to rip a child's head in half.

For posting too much!

For harming an innocent Heartless.

For staring blankly at me!

for having an adiction to marangues.

For making me having to search on google to find out what a marangue was!

You ask why? I ask why not?

Because I claimed Archer would kick Sam Fisher's rear if given the opportunity.

Because I find the apostrophe in their username obnoxious.

For looking at me funny.

For thinking the avy was looking at him.

For being on here when he should be doing homework.

For not turning up the volume.

For throwing my computer off a cliff.

For trying to be something he's not.

For limiting someone else's abilities to change.

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